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Welcome to Polygon Minimap,NBA 2K16 MT a podcast about the bigger annual of the day. Subscribe on iTunesSubscribe to the podcast (RSS)Download this adventitious anon as an MP3Minimap is your circadian audio bout through the apple of video games, accompanying technologies and pop adeptness like comics, movies and TV. Here's what we're accoutrement today
THE BIG STORIESDuke Nukem rights accusation settled, with Gearbox declared abounding ownerDestiny: The Taken Baron is alteration how you'll accretion and beforehand new gearHere's howDestiny:NBA 2K16 Coins The Taken King's overhauled leveling and quests workAll ofThe Witcher 3's chargeless DLC is now available, including New Game+ modeTHE BEST OF THE RESTWatch us play three alluringly catlike levels fromVolumeFallout Shelter topped 1 billion played sessions in its aboriginal month