Weird Mood

I'm in a mood. I feel sad and down, maybe a little lonely. Like curling up under my blankets with the lights off and not coming out. Like listening to the music I listened to when I was unhappy and didn't feel like doing anything. I know if I listen to music that is more upbeat I'll could be pulled out of this funk but I don't want to be. But I do at the same time.   I'm feeling a tad useless because my friend learned today that her and her husband aren't going to be able to move into a house and I don't know what to say to her. It really sucks, it does, but I've never experienced something like this, a disappointment on such a large scale. I told her it will work out and that atleast she still has a home and her family.. She asked me why bad things always happen to her and what she had done that was so horrible in life that nothing ever goes right for her, how come the rude, thoughtless people always get everything. I didn't know what to say...and it broke my heart that she felt that way *sigh* I dunno...    "Too much of anything is too much" - All Time Low