Wedding shoes for a casual affair - Indianapolis Bridal Fashion

If you are looking for the perfect shoes for a more casual wedding, make sure you keep in mind your own personal style as well as the theme and style of your wedding. If your casual wedding includes a casual venue like a beach, a backyard, a park, field, garden, farm, or other outdoor location, make sure you to choose wisely when you think of your feet! High heels, though lovely, may not be the way to go when tromping around the great outdoors.Think comfort and style! There are plenty of lovely sandals, wedges, flip flops, and flats on the market that will do just the trick. If your wedding venue calls for footwork (a beach, rocky area, park, etc.) make sure you choose a sensible shoe that will get you down the aisle without tripping. If your venue is a grassy area, be sure you are aware of the time of year and find shoes that won't sink into the lawn if it's been raining lately.Other considerations? Make sure you take your shoes with you to your fitting so that the dress can be fitted appropriately. Also, beware of certain bedazzled shoes that might get caught in the delicate fabric of your dress. Plan ahead and make sure you've tried the shoes on for more than a moment, walk around in the shoes for a day (even if just around the house to keep them clean) to be sure they are worn in and ready to wear for the big day. Last of all, be sure to indulge in a pedicure (even if it's the do-it-yourself kind) to be sure those exposed toes are ready to wed!