Wedding Photography - My brother's wedding

My younger brother Forest (only 9 weeks younger) got married to his long-time girlfriend of almost 15 years the weekend before last and I was honored to be their wedding photographer!The wedding was beautiful, despite a few setbacks like most weddings have. Everywhere I looked people were laughing, smiling and hugging so you had to know it was a good time for all.My friend Becky was my assistant and between us we took about 1000 shots. I just finished editing my 600 photos last night so I thought I'd share a few of my favorites with you.Monica's 'after ceremony' slippers.Monica's mom putting her veil on -- what a touching moment.Monica with her best friend Mary.This is Monica's bio-dad walking her ... he passed her off halfway to her step-dad who walked her to Forest. Her heel kept getting stuck in the deck!I adore the expression on her face. They've had their dog since the beginning of their relationship, almost 15 years ago .. so of course she was in the wedding!Found a pretty flower for this ring photo.Mary, Monica's best friend maid of honor, Monica the Bride, my half-sister Amber Monica's half-sister Hannah, the bridesmaids.LOVE this shot!He looks so dapper here.SO cute, laying on the hammock.