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I originally met Emily at a popular bar in our college town. Emily was very big into photography and had an indie/artsy live nude webcam girls vibe to her. This one involves an artsy undergrad named Emily. She had dark brown hair, brown/green eyes, and a smattering of light freckles on a very cute, round face. She had small-ish B-cup tits but a very big, round ass. We went to dinner once and then stayed in for a movie night on another occasion.

is?6YSHPReCL9WuHPiw-nCACpulwhCLAo3LMGjPFfree live cam girl Emily and I hung out a couple times after our first meeting at the bar. If you have any kind of inquiries concerning where and ways to utilize webcam girls video (click here), you could contact us at our own web site. It was a Tuesday and Emily let slip that it was her birthday. My best guess would put her at 5’9" and around 150 lbs. She walked down to my car in a casual black dress with black leggings underneath. The subject of this story comes on our third hangout.

We went to dinner and had a lovely time. I swung by her apartment and picked her up that evening. We spent a good portion of the night talking and hit it off. I told Emily that we should each wager something and play a game. During both hangouts, the only thing we did on the sexual front was make out and some light petting.

The outfit sounds a little strange when typed out but it worked. I should clarify at this point that I am terrible at pool. Even so, I was confident that I could beat Emily. Afterwards, I suggested we walk over to a nearby bar and grab some drinks. She though it over for a moment and agreed to the bet. We each pounded a shot, grabbed our beers, and played. She said that she had no plans for the night so I offered to take her out on the town to celebrate.

Comin at you with another story from my grad school days. The bar was fairly empty as it was a Tuesday, and there was an open pool table in the back. This time, I wagered that if I won the game, then I would get to give her a facial after she blows me. She put on a fake pouty face and said that we should play again as a double-or-nothing bet. I don’t even remember what she wagered as her prize, but after some thinking I decided to take a bit of risk and tell her that she had to give me a blowjob if I won the game.

She agreed to the wager nonetheless. Just as I suspected, my terrible pool skills were still enough to win me the game. I had been keeping my drinking to a minimum since I was driving, but Emily was a little tipsy at this point. We hop in my car to head home. A couple minutes into the drive, Emily reaches over and starts rubbing my dick over my jeans.

After rubbing me for a minute, she goes to unzip my zipper. I was already getting hard in my jeans just thinking about unloading on Emily’s cute face. I perk up and get rock hard almost immediately. From previous conversations, I knew that she had never gotten a facial before. She starts rubbing my exposed cock with a cute little grin on her face.

I jolted up in my seat with the shock of this new development. At this point I wanted to go claim my prize so I paid the tab and we headed out. I won the second game as well and celebrated my victory. I continue to have no complaints as Emily surprises me once again by leaning over and licking the tip of my cock with her tongue.

With my approval, she opens her mouth wider and slides her mouth up and down my shaft while gripping the base of my dick. I have no complaints since I was expecting this kind of attention while driving. This was a blast to the past for me as I hadn’t gotten road head since back in high school. I started joking around with Emily and ran around the table celebrating the prize that awaited me.

I turned off the main road to drive through some darker, residential streets and give Emily more privacy to do her business. Even though I have to keep my eyes on the road, I don’t stop her from pulling my dick out of my pants. She was definitely great at oral and I was enjoying every second of it. As good as getting road head felt, I really wanted to get this girl home so we could be in the comfort of her room.

I reluctantly told her to sit back up in her seat and drove back to her place. I put my hand lightly on the back of her head and she bobs back and forth on my dick. After getting my dick nice and wet, she would alternate between blowing me and jerking me off. She pushes my pants and underwear down to my ankles, gets down on her knees in front of me and starts sucking my cock again.

We arrive at her apartment, head up to her room and waste little time before I wrap my arms around her and kiss her. I drove slowly through some neighborhoods as Emily continued to blow me and get my cock wet with her saliva. As we’re standing in her room making out, Emily reaches down to undo my pants once more. She asks me if I’m ok with her sucking my cock and of course I say that she’s fine to do whatever she wants.

I asked her if she was ready for the cumshot and she said that she was nervous. The thought of giving Emily her first facial was more than I could handle. I told her to put them on since they would protect her eyes from getting cum in them. I was impressed with her skills.

She puts the glasses on while I start stroking my cock in front of her face. Plus I love the way those glasses look on girls so it was a win-win for me. I involuntarily go up onto my tip-toes as I feel my orgasm push its way out of me. It probably wasn’t much more than 5 minutes before I felt my orgasm building up.

I tell her that I’m about to cum and that I want her to look me in the eyes while I cover her face with my load. Emily had a pair of black-rimmed glasses sitting on her desk. My first two ropes of cum shoot out up to Emily’s forehead and coat one of the lens of her glasses. Needless to say, I was absolutely spent.

Even though it was Emily’s birthday, I feel like I was the one who got the best present! I stood for a moment and looked at my handiwork before Emily ran into the bathroom to clean up. My third rope shoots onto her cheek and the last couple ropes dribble out onto her mouth and chin. She looks up at me and the sight of that cute face pushes me over the edge.

These were a fake pair that many hipsters seem to like wearing.