Webcafe An All Round Solution For Cyber Caf Owners In India by Angela Smith

In the age of tablet PCs, palmtops, smart phones and datacards if you believe that the concept of cyber cafes is dying then think again because research say that approximately there are 260000 cyber cafes in India. India is a tourist haven; it is literally not possible for every tourist to carry a tablet PC and access internet through datacards. You also dont expect http://Alexis-Ford.easyxblogs.com - http://Alexis-Ford.easyxblogs.com - a nation with a population of 1,139,964,932 to own a smart phone or tablet PCs for themselves. Cyber cafes are here to stay and they have their share of problems, which needs to be resolved in order to ensure their proliferation.Cyber cafes face day to day management problems like manual entry of every customers details and generation of bills. In order to settle the issues once and for all Rhombus Technologies a leading software solutions firm came up with a newage cyber management software called Web Caf. The software offers internet billing solutions and other miscellaneous solutions.
Most cyber cafes within India face a number of problems when it concerns day-to-day management of operations, right from having to manually enter customers details to struggling with inefficient billing systems. Rhombus designed and developed Webcafe, a comprehensive cyber cafe management software, to help cyber cafe owners overcome these everyday hassles.
Our aim help cyber cafe owners troubleshoot their day-to-day worries.
Webcafe is a premier web-based cyber cafe ERP, with an integrated billing engine, membership management system, order management system, and accounting system. It comes equipped with all the possible features required to automatically and seamlessly manage the day-to-day operations of a cyber cafe or a chain or cyber cafes. Webcafe is currently being utilized by more than 1,300 cyber cafes across India.
Webcafe has received special recommendation from the Maharashtra State Government and has even been made mandatory for all cyber cafes operating in Pune and Nashik. This system complies with all the latest Indian cyber laws, and the Cyber Cafe Owners Association rules and regulations.
Aside from day-to-day management, Webcafe acts as a security system. It restricts users from visiting websites with explicit adult content (porn) and also disables users from installing unauthorized software and applications on to cyber cafe computer systems.
Webcafe is extremely easy to use and gives cyber cafe owners the benefit of an efficient management and accounting system. It allows owners to monitor their cash-flow on a daily basis, so that they can check their earnings at any time of the day, week or month.
Webcafe also plays a pivotal role in increasing the standard of service to cyber cafe customers, making order placement convenient and easy. It is built for easy shifting seamlessly enabling users to shift to another machine in case their current machine hangs and re-login. The system merges time and amount details of the user, resulting in extremely accurate and reliable billing.
Key Features
Automatic data entry
Automatic invoice generation
Member management system (with photographs)
Order management system (members place orders from their seats)
Time management system
Accounting system (cash-flow management)
Customizable rates (discounts for students and senior citizens)
Cyber law compliant system (latest cyber laws)
Revenue earning capabilities (advertisements)