Web Design And Interactive Marketing Agency, Bayshore Solutions, Named Finalist In First Annual Brig

Through this awards program, showcasing successful and community-minded regional businesses, Bright House Networks intends to enhance the quality of life and economic health of the Greater Tampa Bay area. In addition to honoring all of the Top 10 businesses in small, medium and large size categories, first, second and third place winners will be announced at the Regional Business Awards Gala on February 27, 2014 at the Hilton in downtown Tampa. Bayshore Solutions was identified as a candidate through the Tampa Bay Partnership and The Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce. Written justification of candidacy and a formal interview of Bayshore Solutions CEO, Kevin Hourigan, by Bright House Networks Panel of Judges were successfully completed in order to achieve this Top 10 recognition. Bayshore Solutions is honored to be a finalist for the inaugural Bright House Networks Regional Business Awards, said Kevin Hourigan, President and CEO of Bayshore Solutions. See the original version, visit http://www.pr.com/press-release/543581

Kraupp Inc. Released Third Best Web Design Company by bestwebdesignagencies.com for February 2014

No more, no less. A good website is intuitive and personal too, and you need to make sure all your clients know exactly where they need to go. Insert handy links for all your pages, make it easy to navigate around without getting stuck down some unnecessary tangents. Writing Tapping into the previous point, write from the perspective of your audience. Whatever you do, dont write like an inhuman, impersonal business, loading all your text with techy jargon and the latest, flashiest business lingo . See the original version, visit http://earsucker.com/the-dos-and-donts-of-website-design-75113/

The Future of Web Design

We were intrigued to ask her what she thinks about the future: I hope we come to have a greater understanding of the various target audiences that our products have and that we deliver them content more intelligently. Right now,differentcontent isappropriateon different platforms. But users tell us so much about themselves through their repeated use of our product and we havent done enough work to create customized content experiences for them as a result of all of that intel. Instead, weve only created custom, functionalexperiencesbut not custom, content experiences, she says. Designer Ryan Essmaker is the co-founder of The Great Discontent , a site that celebrates the worlds most creative artists. See the original version, visit http://thenextweb.com/dd/2011/12/16/the-future-of-web-design/

The Dos and Donts of Website Design

The independent research team evaluates various web design brighton agencies across five areas of evaluation in order to identify the overall level of performance in areas including project analysis, design quality, ease of access, stock quality, and design analysis. In order to compete a more rigorous evaluation of competing web design brighton firms, bestwebdesignagencies.com also interviews client references of the top web design brighton firms which have been showcased in the rankings. The questions clients are generally asked delve into various aspects of project analysis and design quality amongst other areas to best learn their overall performance. Additionally, clients of web design brighton firms are often connecting with bestwebdesignagencies.com directly to voice their opinions. Kraupp Inc. See the original version, visit http://www.streetinsider.com/Press+Releases/Kraupp+Inc.+Released+Third+Best+Web+Design+Company+by+bestwebdesignagencies.com+for+February+2014/9193636.html