We're having a heat wave. a tropical heat wave!!

Wish it was a pleasant thing to be having the heat wave but really, ENOUGH! I think that everyone I know - not just MS friends, has had enough of the heat.  Thankfully I do get to spend work time and home time in AC but still it can be an attack just getting from the car to a building.  Ok, I've complained enough.
July is rapidly coming to a close and my kids are living summer to the fullest.  My two boys are on a mission trip in Peru.  They won't be home until 30th and then we swing into full gear for school.  New twist for us this year is college in the mix of school levels.  That should be interesting and put a new twist on the family dynamics.
I now have 2 teen drivers and 3 teen kids. Yikes! 
My husband and I have had a chance at more date nights and alone time with the kids getting older.  We are remembering why we married! LOL 
Besides the heat... life is good.



Be careful with those teen drivers. Last year my daughter hit the fence in our drive way and it cost close to 2,000 dollars. Yesterday my step son took out four fence posts. He did more damage than my daughter. I tried to joke and tell him to stop competing with each other. lol. If I do not laugh, I may start to cry. A few years ago my step daughter ran into a tree. She was lucky that she did not get seriously hurt. It totaled her car.

It is good that you and your husband are getting time together. I know you are proud that your boys are on a mission trip. I\'m glad you are doing good. Take care!!


Kris, those date nights with your husband are so precious as they bring back the happy memories and the \"why and how\" the rest of your lives happened! I\'m with you on the heat........ throw me in a snowbank any day now. I\'m ready!!! Hugs to ya!!


Thanks for all the feedback ladies! Happy to report the boys are home safe and sound. My daughter ia about to launch into a full time babysitting job for the last bit of summer. That could make for some eye opening days for her! LOL.
Hubby and I are liking the idea of regular dates again as the kids get older and more independent. Not trying to push the kids to grow up to fast but liking that they need us less and less. :) must mean we\'ve been doing somethings right! :)