Ways to address Gum Disease


Gum disease is a bacterial infection that’s caused by some natural oral bacteria that’s present in the mouth. It’s the same bacteria that lead to tooth decay. There are different types of gum diseases such as the ones below;

Gingivitis: This is the earliest stage of gum disease and entails the bleeding of the gums, bad breath, sore gums, swollen gums. It’s advisable that one visits Dentistry Summerville if you notice any of the said symptoms. Taking time to seek medical attention earlier can help with the right medical intervention.

Periodontitis: This is the second stage of the gum disease and involves symptoms such as; worsening of gingivitis symptoms, tooth misalignment, decay of tooth under the gum line and such like. If you find yourself struggling with the second stage of gum disease then you can consider consulting dentist Ladson for treatment and advice.

Advanced Periodontitis: This is the most severe state of gum disease and consists of symptoms such as jawbone infection and tooth loss. It’s possible to avoid getting into such a state if you take precaution when the gum disease Summerville is still at an early state.

The main reason of treating gum disease is to help with bringing the infection under control. When the infection is still at the early stage different things can be used for the treatment such as use of antiseptic or the antibacterial rinses. Use of antibiotics that’s combined with special rinses are suitable for more advanced stages of the gum disease. Summerville dentist addresses all the teeth related problems whether its dental implants, tooth replacement or treatment of gum disease.

You can also consider visiting cosmetic dentist, Summerville for an entire teeth makeover or any tooth related condition. Deep cleaning is vital for addressing the symptoms that you get to indentify at an early stage. If you identify the symptoms related with gingivitis then you can reverse the condition by engaging in deep cleaning. You can visit Implants Berkeley Co.for professional advice and treatment of the condition so as to avoid further damage to your teeth.

You can also undertake a laser treatment as it allows the doctor to remove the infected tissue and any infected plaque from the roots surface. Having a healthy gum tissue is possible if you take time to consult DDS SummervilleTaking time to consult a dentist can save you a lot in terms of enduring unnecessary pain that’s more likely to lead to removal of the infected tooth. Routine and daily cleaning of the teeth is another way you can use to ensure that your teeth are clean and healthy.

Dental implants or tooth replacement Summerville can be avoided if you undertake the necessary measures such as engagement in regular check up with crown and bridge Summerville. Even if you are already on dentures Summerville, you can still restore that healthy and natural outlook by engaging in dental implants Summerville. The health of your teeth is important as it impacts your overall facial outlook and should be taken good care of.

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