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The "The Connection" (which can be also called "La French") movie takes inspiration in the French Connection throughout the 70s. This action film is directed by Cedric Jimenez, while Academy awardee for best celebrity Jean Dujardin (from "The Artist) stars as law enforcement magistrate, Pierre Michel, in opposite to Gilles Lellouche, playing as the ringleader of the drug smuggling organization, Tany Zampa. Watch The Connection Free and be thrilled.
During the 1970's French Connection, substance (heroin) smuggling reached its peak, which contained the contentious trafficking of drugs internationally, revealing an extremely large and frightening scope. The plot of the movie, aside from this context, focuses on both lead characters, highlighting how Dujardin's character is determined to take down smuggler Zampa.
Watch The Connection Full Movie Streaming Online and see the way the movie is packaged with chase scenes and shootings. Michel, jointly with an elite group of policemen, hunts down Zampa to break his drug syndicate system in Marseille. If there is one actor who can pull this off naturally, it is Dujardin. His persuasive appeal made the movie more real in terms of its own context. He managed to embody the confident and driven magistrate that could leave you wondering whether he was really a cop in the 70s. Lellouche was consistently effective with being the menacing syndicate boss. A successful casting was clear as even the supporting characters were filled up by very natural talents.
Another fascinating detail worthy of notice is the attempt of personalizing the characters, as snippets of their lives outside the pursuit can also be revealed. This psychological allure added to the theatricality of the picture. In addition, the soundtrack was excellent. It fit well with different action sequences and was compatibly good in supplementing stories and dialogues. This strengthens the movie's effort to really stay loyal to the facts, and this sets it apart from previously existing epic crime dramas, both in the French and Hollywood standards. Are you ready for an activity-filled experience? How To - watch The Connection free hd - Full now!
This reality-inspired fictional film adaptation gives justice to its strong history. With the details put together, - the characters' charm and chemistry, meticulous attention to period details, story accumulation and effectual direction-this is a film worthy of a broad audience. Waves of excitement jerks come and go as each action scene unfolds.
In sum, if you are a history-enthusiast with the thirst for action scenes, crime-resolution and cop pursuits, - - watch The Connection streaming - free online full movie - 2015 Free Online. This movie is perfect for you.