Watch out for Buccaneers -- really

Of all the revelations coming out of free agency so far, this one is the most surprising: the very real possibility that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will soon be legitimate contenders. They already had improved themselves by replacing former head coach Greg Schiano with a proven winner in Lovie Smith earlier this winter. They also wisely dumped overpriced cornerback Darrelle Revis instead of committing more cash to a player who didn't fit their future plans. Then came the start of free agency, where swift and savvy decisions have revealed a strong vision for a franchise that has been a mess in recent years.The first place to start when considering the increased optimism around Tampa is - - Smith. All that time he spent away from football last year -- when he couldn't find a job after the Chicago Bears fired him -- has enabled him to land a position with a team perfectly suited to his mentality. The Bucs didn't compile a 15-33 record over the last three seasons because they had no talent. They reached that level of ineptitude because their leadership was so lousy. - SPORTSHEALTHWATCH.COM/ - - -