Washington State Beats No. 24 Arizona State 85-78

24 Arizona State 85-78 Friday night. The Cougars took a 50-45 lead early in the second on a 3-point jumper by Presley. The Sun Devils kept it close - coming to within one point of tying the game - but were never able to regain the advantage. Tia Presley had 17 points for the Cougars (7-6, 1-0 Pac-12). Sage Romberg scored 10 points and Mariah Cooks added 11. Arizona State jumped to an 11-2 advantage early in the first period on the shooting of Kelsey Moos, Eliza Normen and Joy Burke. Washington State answered with an 18-5 surge to lead 30-28 with just over four minutes left before halftime. visit http://msn.foxsports.com/wcbk/story/Washington-State-beats-No-24-Arizona-State-8578-41405230

Washington takes notice of you liberals...for a change

That would be terrible! A tour of sorts: Chris Cilizza : As the fight over debt and spending continues -- on and on without end -- Democrats seem likely to focus on the need to again raise taxes on the wealthiest among us. To do so, they need to win the message war over why, how and how much. It can't be about punishing success or creating some sort of plan for equal success for everyone. It must be about what raising these taxes will do on the positive side and why that is ultimately a good thing for society. It's a very tough sell under any circumstances, but without the "why we are doing this" piece of the argument, it's a total non-starter. visit http://www.dailykos.com/story/2014/01/03/1266931/-Washington-takes-notice-of-you-liberals-for-a-change