Washington Redskins name: Washington Post poll finds most D.C. fans support it

Local school board votes to remove 'Redskins' mascot

Its our area team. Look, Im Hispanic, a lot of my friends are black, white, American Indian, and we all love the Redskins. We support our team. We support our logos, our song, everything. Local politicians havent been shy about expressing their reservations in recent months. Mayor Vincent Gray (D) said that the team name could complicate any future move by the team back to the old RFK Stadium site in the District, and Rep.

Those comments angered Frank Boushie, a Native American who moved to Washington state three decades ago, Q13Fox.com reports. It was so racist in there, it was unbelievable, he said. They just dont get it. Dan Lockhart, a 1973 graduate, said he never thought there was a problem with the team name, despite some who felt it was racially insensitive toward Native Americans. It was never an issue, he said. It didnt become an issue until about 20 years ago. But Native American Terri McQuillen, also a graduate, said she never took offense. I didnt, because I was raised to understand my responsibility is to take my name and make it proud, she said. Superintendent David Engle, who served on a committee that studied the mascot issue for nearly a year, understands that some people see him as an outsider.

Washington school board votes to drop high school's 'Redskins' name after 90 years

High schools, colleges and even an NFL team are now deciding whether to continue using Native American mascots and logos. Despite a big show of support for a mascot that's nearly a century old, the Port Townsend School Board decided Monday night it's time to retire the Port Townsend High School Redskins. At least 30 schools across the state have some sort of Native American mascot or logo. Last year, the state Board of Education encouraged schools to make a change. The Port Townsend board did just that, but first its members had to face dozens of angry residents who say they're proud to be the Redskins. "I graduated as a Port Townsend Redskin. I take great pride in that," one speaker said. "I would give every drop of blood in my body to save that name," another supporter said.

Redskins weekend rewind: Sam Huff, RG3 & Charlotte TV

However, I will try to blog whatever Redskins news you need to know. A few such items occurred since Friday. Lets review: Sam Huff, the Hall of Fame linebacker and longtime analyst on Redskins radio game broadcasts, announced his retirement from the teams radio network after 38 years. Huff, 78, worked a reduced schedule last season due to his deteriorating health. His voice always will be associated with the Redskins dominance in the 1980s and early 1990s. The radio trio of Hall of Fame quarterback Sonny Jurgensen, play-by-play man Frank Herzog and Huff is almost as iconic as the Hogs. Huffs departure leaves only Jurgensen still on the air. How or if the Redskins Radio Network will replace Huff is not certain. ESPN980, the teams flagship station and for whom I help cover the Redskins, faces some decisions about how to staff the booth on game day.