Washington Redskins: Joe Theismann Goes Public With Request to Join Radio Broadcast Team

Sure, he is considered something of an arrogant, nauseating windbag by some. Still, Theismann remains if not beloved in Washington, certainly respected. He, of course, was the quarterback of the Redskins Super Bowl XVII championship team. Also, while he had a reputation as something of a pretty boy, Theismann did show a rough and tumble side. He returned punts his first two years with the Redskins and famously led the team to a comeback victory against the New York Giants in 1982, after getting two teeth knocked out. At minimum, Theismann is considered the second-best living Redskins quarterback behind Jurgensen. He has also remained close to the team since his career ended with the gruesome injury on Monday Night Football against the Giants on Nov. 18, 1985.Furthermore, he boasts an impressive broadcasting resume, having formerly done Sunday ESPN NFL broadcasts, Notre Dame radio broadcasts and most recently Redskins preseason telecasts.

Raiders vs Redskins At-A-Glance

I suppose McCartney was at least a little more creative in attempting to keep this fabricated controversy alive than ESPNs Jemele Hill, whoutilized an incredibly original tactic: the race card. Citing the fact that former Redskins owner George Preston Marshall was a racist, Hill claims Marshalls legacy is one NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell chose to protect. Goodell, of course sent a letter to the Native American Congressional Caucus earlier this month suggesting the name would not change, something addressed. Now, lets be clear on something: Marshall was a racist; a nasty, vile, ill-tempered bigot, whos public statements and policies towards African-Americans were in fact, despicable. His tenure as owner was a sad and regrettable chapter in the history of the franchise. The Redskins were the last team to integrate and Marshall famously noted the Redskins would start signing Negroes, when the Harlem Globetrotters start signing whites. But Hill is way off base in linking Goodell to Marshall. Marshall denied people the right to work based on their skin color. Worse, he made it the policy of the franchise to carry out a racist practice. While Hill may disagree with Goodell, the Commissioner cited legal and public opinion polls stating a reason to keep the name.

Washington Redskins: Silly Team Name Debate Continues

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Native American chief used to defend Redskins nickname may not be a Native American chief

In March, a bill was introduced in Congress that would cancel the team's trademark of the term "redskin. The bill was followed by hearings before three judges on the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. While that challenge is ongoing, Snyder remains unbowed, recently saying: "We'll never change the name. It's that simple. NEVER - you can use caps." Which is why Hundt is suggesting a different approach, namely that broadcast journalists take the matter into their own hands. Through his vision, I see Howard Eskin reporting, "The Eagles lost to Washington, 21-10." By this logic, maybe Vai Sikahema will someday announce, "The Flyers defeated Chicago, 3-1." Or imagine Angelo Cataldi complaining on WIP-FM about the "Nittany Lions" but never referencing the "Fighting Irish"? Hundt recently wrote in the Washington Post as if he were FCC chairman again ("only for a day") asking Snyder to change his team's name "so that broadcasters no longer would have to describe it using a name they would never use in any other context." "Cultural standards evolve. ...

Washington Redskins Co-Captains RG3 and London Fletcher Likely to Retain Title

However, it's no coincidence the leaders also tend to have the best stats. They are the entire package. Whether it's RG3 his rookie season or London Fletcher as one of the oldest players in the NFL, last year was no exception. We have no idea who the team will vote for to represent the team as 2013 captainsAlfred Morris, Brian Orakpo, Trent Williams, Pierre Garcon. Will another rookie emerge? What will be interesting is to see who will be the standout at the midpoint of the season.

Smerconish: Should the Washington Redskins change their name?

"As a lifelong Redskins fan, and I think that the Redskins fans understand the great tradition and what it's all about and what it means, so we feel pretty fortunate to be just working on next season. "We'll never change the name. It's that simple. NEVER you can use caps." Snyder's defiant comments to USA Today came one week after Stephen Dodson, a lifelong Philadelphia Eagles fan and Prince George County resident came forward to defend the team's use of the name on Redskins Nation. According to the Redskins , Dodson is "a full-blooded American Inuit chief originally from the Aleutian Tribes of Alaska" who referred to the team "redskins" as a term of endearment on the reservation during an appearance on "Redskins Nation," a program produced by the team.