Wanted: Make Money Online Programs (and Volunteers to Take Them)

Last Updated Jun 2, 2011 2:20 PM EDTDo you want to make money online, or do you offer a training program on how to make money online? If so, I have a great opportunity for you. Keep reading . . .Last year I wrote a post entitled "Are the Unemployed Lazy?" It was based on a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that details how Americans over the age of 15 spend their time. This government report doesn't accurately represent how each individual unemployed person spends their time -- it's simply an average of how those who participated in the survey spend their time. So, are the unemployed lazy? I'm certain some are. Of course, I know a lot of employed folks who are lazy, too.We can debate how the unemployed spend their time and even how they should spend their time, but if people have jobs, the debate is pointless. Instead, let's spend some time focused on the problem -- getting jobs and making money.The Experiment: "How to Make Money Online" The average weekly unemployment check in the United States is $309.41 according to Department of Labor data. If you are unemployed, my goal is for you to replace your unemployment check -- I want you to make $1,340 a month as quickly as possible. There are people smarter than me who have offered tips on how to get a job, and I'm guessing that if you could go out and get a job you would, so we need another solution.I'd like to focus on how you can make more money without landing a full-time job. There are countless programs that claim to show people how to make extra money online -- everything from doing medical billing at home to hosting teleseminars to creating niche search engines to creating membership-based websites.I am inviting all such owners of these programs to participate in a little experiment. My offer to the owners of these courses/programs is that I'll find an ambitious participant to go through their course (for free) while I track their progress. If successful (I won't write about people or courses that have not worked), I will then write a summary of the training, experience, and results on CBS MoneyWatch and potentially on other websites such as the Huffington Post and newspapers my column is syndicated through such as the Los Angeles Times, Orange County Register, Chicago Tribune, and others.I'm looking for both course owners/teachers as well as ambitious folks who are ready to invest some of their other 8 hours in the courses."Make Money Online" Program OwnersWant some free publicity? If you have a program that helps people make money in their free time and are interested in participating, please post the following information on the Other 8 Hours Facebook Fan Page: Name of the program, your contact information, and a summary of the program. The summary should include the format of the program (online, video, phone, or in person), its cost and length, whether training can be done remotely, and how much money a user could expect to make after completing the program. You also may include short descriptions of successes your students or customers have had.In addition, the program must be your own -- you cannot be an affiliate or reseller of someone else's program. Nothing illegal, porn, drug, or Nigerian bank account related. Also, the program cannot be about how to save money -- it must be about how to make money online. Lastly, you MUST be willing to offer the program to at least one participant we mutually agree on for free (that means absolutely NO, zero, zilch out-of-pocket expenses). Capeesh?Volunteers Who Are Willing to Take a Course to Make Money OnlineIf you want to take part in this "make money" experiment, post your name and why you want to be considered on the Other 8 Hours Facebook Fan Page. We'll do our best to match volunteers with programs, but it's safe to assume that not all volunteers will receive programs.My goal is to connect those people who can teach others how to make money with those who want to make more money. Who knows? Maybe we can even drop the unemployment rate . . .Are you ready to create more money, time, energy, and passion in your life? Learn how to live your best life now with these free resources: Get the "Achieving Peak Performance" ebook and video now!(free for a limited time)You can also join a community of passionate people at Richer Life who want to achieve more in life and at work. With your free membership, you can participate in conversations I have with experts, celebrities, authors, and thought leaders that are laser-focused on practical ways to drive more money, motivation, and meaning into your life. Take the first step toward creating a better life by joining Richer Life for free now!Read More* The Secret to Success for Artists and Creatives* Fear of Failure? Three Tips to Guarantee Success* Make Money From Your Hobbies 2010 CBS Interactive Inc.. All Rights Reserved.