Want Good Credit? - Back to Basics

As many of us today live with credit cards to fund our lives, we would more often than not find ourselves in debt that can get pretty hard to get rid of. With this comes with the wonders of consumer credit counseling services otherwise known as CCCS. Like all other services, this one has got its pros and cons.
Turn on the television, the radio or search the Internet and you'll find all sorts of ads from companies promising to relieve you of debt. The truth is, however, most of these companies charge a lot of money causing many problems with debt arbitration. As a caveat, I must warn that even the Better Business Bureau receives many complaints each year about these debt servicing companies.
Consumer credit counselling is a free service to help you manage your finances and get debt under control. It is also commonly known as credit counselling and debt counselling. Often these are services are provided by not-for-profit credit counselling agencies. Credit counsellors are accredited debt management consultants who help with personal budgeting and educating you on how to understand and control your finances to avoid more money problems in the future. Their services can also include debt settlement and negotiation with creditors through a debt management plan.
Consumer Credit Counseling has its headquarters in Syracuse and has offices in Albany, Auburn, Binghamton, Elmira, Fort Drum, Ithaca, Oneida, Utica, and Watertown. Assistant Director Gary Thurber has said this company has 41 employees and helped 50,000 people through programs and counseling sessions last year. With the help of this firm Thurber said consumers last year returned $30 million to creditors.
Back then the only real course of action for indebted consumers was to file for bankruptcy. This was bad news for both the consumers and the banks. As an option to bankruptcy, the banks helped to establish and fund consumer credit counseling organizations. By doing this, they were able to recover their money as well as help out those who were in financial trouble.
For more details visithttp://www.cccsoc.org/