Wabash Seafood

Frozen seafood is often superior in quality to fresh products when shelf life is taken into consideration. I don't know that there's anyone else out there who does it like they do. They keep us well informed of the market, the weekly opportunities and the different seafood options. wholesale seafood distributors revered for its exceptional seafood harvest and robust auctions aimed at the sashimi market.

In Business for over 20 years, we are one of he most trusted distributors of fresh and frozen seafood in the tri-state área. I like the flexibility that a specialist fish wholesaler provides me on a daily basis. Seafood Supply Company has over 200 years in combined experiences to offer its customers in purchasing, in sales, in shipping, and in processing.

We've got cracking shellfish from Manilla Clams to Oysters and pretty much any fresh or frozen fish you could want; Salmon, Trout, Sea Bass, Bream, Monkfish and more. We offer a diverse selection of seafood products. We can always count on them to deliver the finest seafood for the best price and that keeps our customers coming back to our store over and over again.

Plenty of other seafood items like uni, lobster, crab, etcétera Roots trace back to 20 years started by Chris Giannis as a way to import Fresh and Frozen Seafood from Brazil to USA and European countries under the original company Poseidon Fish Products. Eastern Seafood Distributors LLC was founded in 1967 and is based in Jacksonville, Florida.