VR Bangers & AuraVisor Team to Bring Innovative Virtual Reality Adult Content to Hotel Rooms

There is little doubt that sex-related adult content will be a killer application for virtual reality. In fact numerous companies are already offering such content, and numerous more will likely soon be jumping on board. With that said, one partnership between the adult content provider,VR Bangers and the all-in-one headset manufacturer, AuraVisor, could be a business model many within the industry wished they'd thought of.Through a partnership announced this morning,VR Bangers and AuraVisor have teamed to offer virtual reality adult contentin hotel rooms. The very first trials will begin in numerous Las Vegas hotel rooms, and likely spread to hotels in other cities over time. Starting with Las Vegas, the City of Sin, makes a lot of sense. After all, 'what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right?"While the appeal of virtual reality in gaming and movie watching is obvious, the potential forrevolutionizing the porn industry is even more exciting. The true http://Skylar-Green.blogtur.com - Skylar Green - number is not known, but moststudies suggest that around 30% of web traffic is adult content. Despite this, the porn industry hasremained stagnant for years, and many consumers have become bored by conventional porn. VRporn looks set to shake up this stagnant yet huge market, and VR Bangers and AuraVisor are wellplaced to benefit from the growing adoption of VR technology, stated the company"
The way the service works is quite simple, yet genius. A hotel guest can pay an extra $20 via credit card and they will receive an AuraVisor VR headset in their room, preloaded with adult content. They then select whether they wish to interact with a male or a female and the enjoyment begins. As for the experiences themselves, there is an extra layer of reality in that the content being viewed was actually filmed inside a room that looks nearly exact tothe hotel room that the viewer is staying in. There will be a knock on the viewers hotel room door and in will come a very sexy friend ready to begin having some fun.While this certainly seems like something which could be a major money maker for hotels, there are some likely obstacles. For instance, before putting the AuraVisor headset on my face, I would likely envision all the other individuals wearing that same headset, and what they may have been touching prior to taking the headset offof theirface. Sanitation is certainly an issue which may convince some individuals to stick with more conventional means of pleasure. With that said, I'm sure the headsets will be cleaned thoroughly prior to being handed over to another user, and sometimes the urge to try out new things, especially when it involves sex, can be quite overpowering.Let's hear your opinion on this partnership and what it may mean for the adult entertainment space and hotel industry. Discuss this story in the VR Bangers AuraVisor Adult Content forum on VRTalk.com.