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Online Store Script

Volusion Clone

ShoppieeShop offer an ecommerce website solution to enhance online businesses. Online store makes an entrepreneurs to sell products with ecommerce software solution. Online store builder endow to create online web store with features like Multi categories, Multi product listing, SEO capablity, etc.

Manage Report

Shoppiee Shop manages customer reports with their order history and contact number at a squint. It analyze customer ordering report in detail for weekly shopping custom and provides back-up for customer reports, so their order history can be mentioned or traced never mind where the order was located. Discount/offers In Shoppiee shop, store owner can provide offer & discounts to the frequent & loyal customers based on products. Store owner can create this option in their online store to attract more customers.Shoppieeshop ensures store owners to gain more profits for by delivering offers and discounts. Coupon Code In Shoppiee shop, store owners can also provide coupons codes to customers only for specific products if they go beyond the minimum order price. Coupon options will be opened systematically in the online store website and codes are sent by the store owners. Store owners attract more customers and gain profits quickly in Shoppiee shop. Newsletter Shoppiee shop maintains track of customer order details that contribute to your newsletter. Copy and paste the catalog into email system and send newsletter to customers. Shoppiee shop sends the new product details to multiple store owners quickly and easily by using newsletter process. Webpages Shoppiee shop progress e-commerce website with a CMS, which is used to create web pages and blog posts easily. Shoppiee shop contains built-in blog software so you can create latest blog, webpage or ingress an effective Wordpress blog. In Shoppiee shop, customer can enhance the business growth by creating webpage for their own online store. Professional Themes Shoppiee shop themes store hosts a variety of over 100 premium and free e-commerce website templates. Shoppiee shop offers superior-quality free and multiple design layout templates and enables grand look with hassle-free e-commerce site. These themes are designed by world-popular designers like Happy Cog, Clear left and Pixel Union. You can choose the themes and modify it according to her needs. Multiple Language In Shoppiee Shop, store owners can create new apps & website for their online store in multi-programming language. Shoppiee shop enhances the online store business across world-wide. More customers are attracted to Shoppiee Shop by creating online store with their own features & languages. Shoppiee shop also helps user to create online store in multi-languages.