Visual media: Graphic and web design

Graphic design, online graphic design to be specific, is a visual medium. Graphic design of this type has a great deal in common with a sister discipline, web design. Web design covers the craft of constructing web pages and applications according to a customers vision and needs. This article studies a principle common to both fields, one that is very important to both, a projects audience.In the winter 2005-06 issue of Informatics, a magazine sent by the Indiana University school of Informatics to its alumni, the Dean of the school defined Informatics in his opening letter. The definition of Informatics used by Indiana University includes the professions of web and graphic design. The dean described Informatics as the application of computer sciences to arts, sciences and professions (Informatics, vol. 4, no.1).The first thing a designer must consider when he or she begins a project is who the project is intended to reach. This may be easily discovered if the designer simply asks the customer in his/her meeting with them. Then the designer has a series of stipulations to take into account.What are my audiences needs and interests? In other words, why would the audience I want to reach with this site find it interesting at the least? Also, what kinds of graphic illustration would the audience value and what kind of illustration would they find appropriate? Getting to know your audience by doing online research using search terms given to you by your customer may be the best course of action.When studying an audiences needs, take into consideration that some of your audience would also have disabilities that could hinder their receiving the message you want to deliver. Always be conscientious about this fact, for further research visit Web Accessibility, also, have a look at this article found at the web site of Indiana UniversityAnd finally, the designer may want to take into consideration the wide field of technological equipment the projects audience may be using. Not everyone in cyberspace is equipped with the cutting edge of graphics cards, processors and displays. The audience may even use a different web browser. For this, the designer is advised to test the visual quality of the graphics and web pages produced on different machines, using different operating systems and different programs. It is important in design to consider the diversity of ones audience. href='' - -