Hi Friends,
I had a nightmare/vision this morning about America.  This is rare if I have a vision, and when they do come I take them very seriously.  I took off two friends of mine on Facebook that did not believe me.  Furthermore, I found evidence that confirmed by suspicion through much research, so I believe it is a matter that should not be taken lightly.  Here are the websites to assist you, but I encourage you to look into this further.  I really believe that the Lord is preparing me for what is to come, and I am hoping He is back before any of us believers could possibly endure it when the Anti-Christ comes to power.;  You can chooose not to believe me; however, anything I get from God and I know it is from Him I take seriously.  The last time I had a vision that did come true, one of my friends died in a train accident, and then a year or two later I had hugged a dear friend and knew that he was going to die too and he did (it was from a Brain Anyerism).  These were in middle school and high school.
This is what I dreamt:  Just before I woke up, I had a dream that I was sent to a concentration camp in the U.S. for being a Christian.  As I was sent there, I was blindfolded (like Dietrich Bonhoeffer before he died), and then when I arrived they killed me by bow and arrow.  As I awoke, I was breathing heavy and could not go back to sleep after that.
My best guess but can't say for sure on how everything will go down besides what is in Revelation.  Anyone that does not take the mark of the beast will get sent to a concentration camp to get beheaded.  They already have that in place as you will see from those two links, but please research it further and please take me seriously.  I'm letting you know only to protect you.  Phillipians 2 stands out to me since every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord.  Even my husband believes me.  Blessings!!