Vexed About Post-Partum Hair Fall? Check Out The Remedies !

Ladies who have recently given birth to new born babies are quite distress. The reason being they are losing out their beautiful locks. Are you a new mom? Do you facing the same problem of Post-birth Hair Fall?
During pregnancy, our body experiences a course of estrogen hormone levels where new hairs are grown on our scalp. But, after pregnancy, there is a severe loss of hairs. Otherwise, it has been observed that in our normal lives, we shed almost 50 to 100 hairs a day. This makes new mom really stressful that they wont get bald in future. But, not to worry, Post-birth Hair Fall or you can say postpartum hair fall is not a permanent problem. WHAT IS POST-PARTUM HAIR FALL?
As soon as you are blessed with a child, after a month or two, you start losing the volume of hairs. This is known as Post-partum Hair Fall. It is also known as Telogen-Effluvium. Its a natural process which commonly takes place among 50 percent of the ladies within two to six months of their post pregnancy. SYMPTOMSTheres no doubt that your life becomes pretty different after pregnancy. Below are the warning-signs that every woman should notice to know Are they suffering from the same problem or not. Sweating: During your post-pregnancy, you notice that you are sweating a lot as compare to your normal days. Make sure that you remain relaxing as you have to handle your baby as well. So, always wear cool fabrics like cotton to make you more comfy during your resting hours. Bleeding: Post-partum hair fall is connected to the postpartum bleeding as well. This bleeding is normal and experienced by all new moms. So, theres nothing shocking! But, when blood-flood is more or you can say if more blood-clotting is taking place, then hair fall is obvious. Here, you are strictly required to concern your doctor. Swelling: You might face a swelling problem at private parts. Although, its normal that for few weeks, many women get IV runny in labor and this leads to postpartum swelling as well. But, if this lasts for a long period, then you need to go clinic because you may get other problems as well.
CAUSESBefore you start scratching your brains, there are a number of reasons that ladies may face postpartum hair loss. Check it out! Hormones: Fluctuation in the level of hormones is the major problem that new moms face in the few months of their pregnancy. This not only leads to hair fall, but arises many other problems. Physical Trauma: Are you going through any physical pain while pregnancy? If yes, then, this could be the other reason that can be a reason to hair loss. Exhaustion: This is obvious that you feel quite fatigue and restless as soon as a new born baby enters in your life. And, this lasts for few months tills your baby starts crawling. REMEDIESIs this problem really bothering you? And, instead of focusing on your new-born baby, you are in hair fall depression? Then, its time to get out of it because below is the solution:
To handle your Hairs with Care, use branded products for shampooing and conditioning gently. Even if you are using branded ones, just switch on to some other products. So, that your washroom sync doesnt get full of your fallen hairs.
Use soft-ends comb or brush to get mild on your scalp. Always comb in wet hairs.
Have sufficient amount of green leafy vegetables and fruits to provide natural intakes.
Do such activities like yoga or few steps walking and resting when your baby is resting- this can really make you calm down and without stress.
To avoid de-hydration, drink plenty of water.
One can start taking omega-3 fatty acid capsules to get a thick scalp again. Avoid giving heat or steam to your scalp during post-birth hair fall. So, say no to blowers, driers or hair pressing irons.

When it comes to get thick hairs on our scalp, Vitamins like A, B, and C are very beneficial. But, once you start having these vitamins, just consult your doctors for once.
Last, but not the least, new moms can even go for a short hair-cut to shun clumsy hair fall.