Vehicle Inverter Overall performance Screening

220v power inverter

Right here screening input electricity source adopt the 12V auto battery of lower inside resistance, discharge recent (normally better than 100A), it can offer ample power for the enter circuit. Take a look at load is a typical mild bulb. The check technique is by changing the load measurement, and calculated enter existing, voltage and output voltage at this time. The test final results are revealed in voltage, recent curve partnership. It can be noticed that the output voltage decreases with the boost of the load, the lamp energy intake changes with the adjust in voltage. We can also find out the relationship among the output voltage and electrical power by calculating. But in reality due to the electrical resistance of the bulb modify will fluctuate by the voltage utilized to equally finishes, and the output voltage and existing are not sine wave, so this calculation have to be regarded as estimates. To load 60W bulb as an case in point: Suppose the resistance of the bulb does not alter with the alter in voltage. Simply because R=V2/W=2102/sixty=735Ω, so W=V2/R=2082/735=58.9W when voltage is 208V. Thereby we transformed into a romantic relationship amongst voltage and power. Through tests, we found that enter present is 10A when the output electricity is about 100W. In this situation the output voltage is 200V.