Veganism On A Student Budget

From delicious pizzas and curries, to deals at local markets (who would say no to three avocados for 1?) my meat free diet has been a breeze. And I've saved money too. With just a little bit of effort, my Berlin flatmates and I have worked out a system where we each contribute 15 per week towards food. This is a massive boost for my budget and, according to a National Union of Students study , it would be for other's as well. Last year in Leeds my omnivorous friends would usually spend around 10 more than me each week when they bought meat. Nevertheless not everyone is this lucky. Students in less metropolitan areas may struggle to find an organic food store, let alone something like an exclusively vegan pizzeria. But make no mistake: vegans can live healthily shopping only at supermarkets. A number of supermarkets now have vegan product lists and most label their food accordingly. With lactose free and meat free products on the rise, I can make Thai curries, pasta bakes, greasy burgers and nutty risottos. Even cheesecakes are doable. One thing I really enjoy making is an inexpensive creamy 'chicken' korma sauce. I use Alpro soya cream, diced mushrooms and a block of chopped tempeh, which is a fermented soybean product that has a distinctly nutty taste. It sounds quite disgusting but I assure you, it's good. discover here