Various Services Offered by Private Investigators to Individuals and Businesses

Today, most of the companies opt to hire private investigation services to get their jobs done in no time. Private investigators are responsible to deliver wide range of services with the aim to fulfill varying investigation requirements of both businesses and individuals. In this blog post, you will come to know about a few common services offered by good private investigators in homes and offices at Singapore.

Background Checks

A majority of private detective professionals perform the task of background checks on various individuals or potential employees. For this, they conduct reference check verification, interview sessions and study/maintain public records.

Pre-employment Screening

Whenever you hire employees, as a business requires assuring that candidates do not possess any criminal background. Furthermore, you have to check their references and verify the financial history. Private detectives and investigators should essentially carry out each of these important investigations in a smart way.


Most of the organizations requiring improved security opt to use surveillance services offered by private investigators of Singapore. Particularly, if we talk about the competitive world, we have found varieties of common antisocial activities, like placing electronic detection devices and hacking systems and so on. Private level investigators detect such devices and remove them to safeguard your office immediately. However, to handle surveillance related jobs, investigators should stay aware with latest techniques or technologies, while simultaneously should be able to conduct investigations in a discreet way as possible.

Security Consultation

Along with giving valuable surveillance solutions, most of the private investigation companies recommend important security measures to avoid antisocial activities in business organizations and in turn, assure security of employees.


Finding Missing People

Most of the law enforcements are able to track down any runaway child or missing partner. However, police departments often engaged in other activities leading to delay in the job. If police officers and legal experts fail to resolve such cases quickly, they may relegate to various cold case files. Positively, one can hire private investigators to continue with the search and finding the missing person/people in less possible span of time.

Custody of a Child

When custody of any child comes in question, one has to select a parent capable to provide improved life to the respective child. In this situation, private investigating service providers conduct the investigation job on their own level by maintaining a perfect balance with confidentiality and trustworthiness.

Investment Checks

Private investigation professionals perform an important job related to verifying the legitimacy of any company. For this, such experts check the license and other relevant public records, small claim-based judgments and bankruptcies, federal and state tax liens of a particular company or investment firm.

Authenticity of Workers’ Compensation Claims

Whenever any worker makes claims on a business venture or a company, private investigator checks the authenticity associated with workers’ compensation claims.