Vacation is over

It's Monday evening and I just got home from San Diego. It was a much needed vacation. Getting home was nice but also my life is telling me that staying in San Diego for a longer time would be nice. But I need to still make a living and until I find a job there, I can't just move there. 
But now that I am home, I can feel the anxiety starting. I am reluctant to talk about it. Talking about our problems that we want to resolve such as anxiety is a double edged sword. On one hand not talking about the problem is not dealing with it. And talking about it is to focus on the problem. I guess it is that that cliche - you are what you think. 
I don't like this anxiety nor do I like the problems or issues that make me anxious. And what is making me anxious ... well, there is no good reason getting home from vacation should make me feel anxious. 
I don't understand this sometimes. This anxiety is not disabling me or depressing me. It just sucks that the feeling is there. Tomorrow when I get up, I will focus on the good I already have.
Good night.