Uterine Cancer Diagnosed 4/1

I was driving in a beautiful Palm Springs on beautiful Friday during my spring break trip, Dr called had to pull over and she said the C word, I was shocked but don't know how to react, first Im confused, but I manage to remain calm, went back to the hotel and talked to my two best friends about the news, i am beyond blessed that I had support group, I think and think, my mind in so many direction but the parties manage to take my mind off from it on and off, and I realize I had to accept it, I have to be positive, I break the news to several other close friends and the support is been tremendous. Flew back to Seattle, 10000 feet in the air i finally had tears but shortly after I'm okay, I let it out and move on, now anxiously waiting on whats next, I haven't heard anything yet about my further treatment, I'll keep you posted and please love your self and each other.