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In both growth conditions, total aliphatic suberin in the EN and the OPR of zone-I was significantly lower than in zone-II (P? and 2-hydroxy acids (Fig.?4b). The total amounts of fatty acids, ��-hydroxy acids and 2-hydroxy acids were significantly higher in the EN and OPR of stagnant roots than those of aerated roots (P? more numerous in the OPR of zone-II. Overall, growth in stagnant medium resulted in a significant increase of virtually all monomer chain lengths, except in the OPR-ZII (P? (Fig.?5b). It is also known that commelinoid monocots are rich in simple phenolics that attach to the carbohydrate groups in the primary cell walls (Carpita et?al. 2001). Hence, some amounts of analysed coumaric and ferulic acids are also coming from the primary walls in addition to the aromatic domain of suberin. In general, irrespective of the root zone or the tissue analysed, stagnant roots had significantly higher amounts of both ferulic and coumaric acids than those of aerated roots (Fig.?5b; P?