Using the Little Grey Cells!

Well I got a call from the woman who will be my therapist lady today, she wanted to know where was best for me to do it, Canterbury or Maidstone, and well i dont really know maidstone, and Canterbury is one of my favourite places so I said canters. She told me where in canters its gunna be, and i actually know roughly where it is, so at least im not going into it totally blind. It sounds daft, but I have to know where things are, and i feel so much better knowing this. Daft but thats just the way I am.
Ive been on the national rail website and found out the train times, thats another one of my little ways, i have to do everything i possibly can to make sure everything runs smoothly, list, planning and organising, Order and method mon amis! I will get there way too early and probably bum around the city centre for a bit then walk to this place and still be waiting in some nasty waiting room for 20mins, i cant be late, i dont know why but it just fills me with horror to think i might be late and miss something. As a result of this i will miss out on a morning coz i will leave way too soon, oh well. shit happens i suppose, its just the way im made.
Well anyway, Im going to see this lady on friday at 3pm, the best thing about all of this is that because of my funny ways, getting there early and bumming round, and even the train trip i will be so preocupied with getting there on time that i probably wont be nervous about it until im there and waiting. Altho it shouldnt be too bad anyway because ive met her before and she seems like a really lovely lady, and she seemed to have a sense of hummor which is something that i think is important.
Hmm Ive put this as a general update, but i think its turned into more of a rant! hehehe Oh well...Hmm im not gunna say shit happens, not only have i already said it, i tent to end all of these bloody things with shit happens, and its unimaginative, and the other day i heard that imagination is the eye of the sole (or some such bollocks!) Singing is good for the sole tho, i really believe it is, so next time my maggot moans that im singin along to the beatles in a pub ill just have to remind him!
Keep on singin :-)