Using Chris Freville Internet Marketing to Build and Expand Your Traditional Business

As somebody who owns a traditional business, you maybe think you know how to do your marketing. You've taken out ads in the newspaper, sent postcards, done some cold calling, etc. It's likely that you already have a good and stable client and customer base. You may also believe that your trade is fine without Internet integration. This is where you are falling short. Using Chris Freville Internet Marketing techniques and the web with your standard business model can only be helpful.
If you do not already have a web-site, you need to build one. This is the excellent news: it isn't hard to make a website for your website. There are tools like WordPress or Shopify and lots of inexpensive domain name servers and web hosting services that make it actually easy to have at least a basic commerce website up and running within thirty minutes or so. Your web-site doesn't need to be difficult or extensive-at least not right away. It is more than okay to begin with a very easy and basic "here's our business, here is what our business does" website and then keep building that website over time as it requirements it.
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