Us Releases Saudi Prisoner From Guantanamo Bay, To Take Part In Militant Rehab Program | Fox News

Bowe Bergdahl. One of the primary criticisms of the deal is that the detainees -- after being sent to Qatar where they will stay for a year -- is they will likely return to terror-related groups. Al-Zahrani, who is about 45, had been held at Guantanamo since August 2002, according to military records. A report by the Periodic Review Board said he traveled to Afghanistan in 1999 and "almost certainly" joined al Qaeda, trained in military tactics and fought the Northern Alliance. His lawyers, in a statement to the board, described him as a "middle-aged, ailing man who desperately wants to return to Saudi Arabia." They said his father died while he was in U.S. custody and "his only wish is to see his ailing mother before she passes away." The board cleared him for release in October, citing a number of factors including his willingness to participate in the Saudi rehabilitation program. He left Guantanamo on Friday. Al-Zahrani is the 13th prisoner to leave Guantanamo Bay this year and the seventh in just the past two weeks. Officials have said more prisoners will be released in the coming weeks as part of a renewed effort to close the site.