UPLC and UPA Formalize Common Interest in BPL; Both Organizations Share a Common Interest in Creatin

LONG BEACH, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 23, 2005--The United Power Line Council (UPLC) and the Universal Powerline Association (UPA), both leading, independent trade bodies in the power line communications market, signed a Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen their mutual commitment to promoting open standards for high-speed power line networking.Under the MOU, both organizations commit to work together to create and promote global standards that make good business sense while ensuring coexistence between all potential technical solutions for high-speed power line networking. Furthermore, members of the UPLC may join UPA at a discounted rate. The UPA Access Standardization Committee is currently validating a baseline specification for a universal, worldwide industry standard for Access BPL, to be published in 2005."This MOU makes perfect sense and fulfils the UPA's primary goal of aligning industry leaders in the global PLC market to ensure a level playing field for the deployment of interoperable and coexisting PLC products for the benefit of consumer's worldwide" says John J. Joyce, President of the Americas for UPA. "We look forward to working with the members of the UPLC and to have them actively cooperate in the work of the UPA Access Standardization Committee," added Mr. Joyce."UPLC supports the development of open standards for BPL," said William R. Moroney, President and CEO of UPLC. "We are pleased to enter into the MOU with the UPA to promote open standards, which we believe will in turn promote the deployment of BPL."About the Universal Powerline AssociationThe Universal Powerline Association (UPA) is an International not-for-profit trade association working to harmonize global standards and regulations in the fast developing powerline communications market. The UPA aims to catalyze the growth of PLC technology by delivering UPA certified products that comply with these specified standards and regulations. All products and applications designed around UPA guidelines will communicate, from simple coexistence to full interoperability. The UPA provides all PLC players the opportunity to respond to key customer expectations with open standards, based on interoperability, security and coexistence and supported by exclusive and independent certifications, the only global guarantee of quality and confidence for high-speed power line technology available today. Additional information about the UPA is available at www.upaplc.com.About United Power Line CouncilThe United Power Line Council (UPLC) is an alliance of electric utilities and technology companies working together to drive the development of broadband over power line (BPL) - broadband services over the existing distribution electrical grid and in-home electrical wiring -in a manner that helps utilities and their partners in North America. The UPLC's efforts are focused in three strategic areas: market awareness, regulatory and legislative advocacy, and technical operability. The UPLC currently has MOUs with the PLC Utilities Alliance (PUA) and PLC Forum. UPLC is an independent operating unit of the United Telecom Council, the telecommunications and information technology trade association for utilities, energy companies, and other critical infrastructure organizations.