Upgrade to Windows 10: FAQ - Windows Help

No, WindowsMedia Center isnt a part of Windows10 and wont be available after you upgrade. Were providing a free DVD playback app that will be installed after the first Windows Update after upgrading to Windows10.If you have Windows7 Home Premium, Windows7 Professional, Windows7 Ultimate, Windows8 Pro with Media Center, or Windows8.1 Pro with Media Center and you install Windows10, WindowsMedia Center will be removed. For a limited time (the eligible period), on systems upgraded to Windows10 from one of these older versions of Windows (a qualified system), a DVD playback app (Windows DVD Player) will be installed. Note: The Windows DVD Player may not be installed immediately; it will be installed after the first successful Windows Update. The Windows DVD Player will be available for purchase from the Window Store for systems that (i) are qualified systems but the eligible period lapsed; (ii) are non-qualified systems; or (iii) were qualified systems but Windows10 was subsequently clean installed (in this case, Windows Update cannot detect that it was previously a qualified system).