updates on my mom's health, and keeping on keeping on :)

from my mom, "thank you, our friends" :) my mom went to see her new doctor today. my mom is ok, but very tired, and weak. This morning she was having trouble moving around, she can't bend down much, and we've been trying to help her as much as we can. She did come outside with me for a nice mid-morning nature walk, it was so peaceful, we looked at the plants. :) i've been wanting my mom to join me out there more often, because it's peaceful, and i know how wonderful that nature peace is, and how it can really help my mom rest more. :) i've been sharing all of your wonderful well wishes with my mom, and we want to thank you so much. :) we feel your beautiful love, and nice healing energy. :) You all always comfort us, and uplift us. :) 2 weeks ago, my mom had some health issues, being diagnosed with severe anemia, ulcer, and gallstone. she had been doing better, but on tuesday afternoon began to not feel well. god bless her heart.
Today, she went to see her new doctor. She was really excited about getting a new doctor, and they welcomed her in with open arms, and really happy to welcome her to their offices. :) my mom mentioned, that she is going to be seeing 2 specialists. one on July 26th, for her ulcer, and also in August for her gallstone. The gallstone, she may need surgery to remove. they aren't 100% sure yet, but we are praying that she won't need surgery. We're keeping strong together, these times get rough, but we keep tough, and are keeping on keeping on. :) i have been feeling so out of tune with things. very worried, and concerned about my mom. We want her to be alright, and to fully heal, also the wonderful well wishes for our dear, and lovely friend Nisa's (Stix24) mum too who is in the hospital right now. These times really can get us down, i admit i was feeling very sad/depressed yesterday, and also today, but we aren't giving up, these times can make us feel down, but we all got eachother, and we're gonna make it through it. :) hope and unfailing faith, spirit and strength. :)
Today, just been really relaxing, resting, i did go out into the gardens a few times. i've felt disconnected from nature, and the gardens lately, with lots going on, lots on my mind, but today i got to enjoy some nature, and the plants are doing well. :) i been trying to keep up with the plants, they are growing so fast! :) hehe! :) it's good this early evening, having some peaceful relief, my mom's home, resting, she even had some toast with jelly. :) times can get wild like this, life sometimes can get hectic, but we are marching on, and we got lots planned. :) making sure my mom is taking good care, we also have the 200th baking friday adventure celebration tomorrow, and also Kayla's and Lisa's birthday's this weekend :) i'm a bit behind with things, but am slowly catching up. :) Thank you all so much, for bearing with us, and for sticking with us. :) we appreciate you all, so very much, and we love you all, very very much. :) We'll always be here for you and your family's :) i did some writing earlier today, about baking friday. :) Kayla, Taylynn, and i are thrilled about baking friday tomorrow, and i'm planning to write my heart out tomorrow about the adventure, with many many pictures. :) a big baking friday journal. :)
A Baking Friday Story. :) Tomorrow is the 200th baking friday adventure celebration. :) Kayla, Taylynn, and i are very happy, and excited about the super fun adventure. :) We have a Beach Carnival theme planned for tomorrow, for Kayla's and Lisa's birthday's. :) We're gonna be baking, and making a variety of sweet treats, and also going to have fun games in the kitchen with prizes to be won. :) tomorrow's baking friday adventure, we've been looking forward too for many months. :) we knew that the 200th adventure celebration would be a day before Kayla's 10th birthday, 2 days before Lisa's birthday. :) It's gonna be a double celebration in the kitchen tomorrow. :) Our plans for tomorrow's adventure are, dolphins themed cupcakes, pretzels, fried dough, french fries, and popcorn. :) it's gonna be so much fun, celebrating the 200th adventure in the kitchen. :) We look forward to the adventure, and celebrating it with everyone. :) i'll be taking lots of pictures tomorrow to share. :) i wanted to take some time today, to write about baking friday, stories, memories, and favorite moments from the first 199 adventures. :) The baking friday tradition was born, because of you all inspiring us. :)
It was September 2007, my first year here on DS, and the summer gardening season that year, was one of the most incredible season's we've ever experienced. :) We had our biggest sunflower season, and also our biggest apple season that year. :) i remember it like it was yesterday, when we were getting ready to pick apples. :) i remember my dad getting the ladder, and climbing up the ladder near our winesap apple tree. :) i wanted to climb too, but i wasn't able too because i had been injured earlier in the month, with a severe cat bite injury to my left arm. i was though, able to pick some apples from the lower branches, and we picked so many apples, and i remember we had this huge bowl full of apples, and i brought them over to the garden bench in my favorite gardening area, and took a picture of the apples. :) i was talking with my mom and dad, about baking an apple pie. :) i had never baked an apple pie before, and we thought it would be great to bake one, using apples from our winesap apple tree. :) It was September 21st, 2007, we baked our first apple pie. :) i remember being so very proud of that apple pie, and showing my mom, and saying, "look what we baked, using apples from our yard" :) awww! :) we put the apple pie into our microwave, and i had my camera, and i thought, "hey, i should take a picture to show everyone here on DS" :) i took a picture of the apple pie, and uploaded the pie. :) The amazing response to that journal, and picture, helped make the baking friday tradition be born. :)
Friends said, "what are you all going to bake next friday?" and right then and there, the baking friday tradition was born. :) The next week, we baked some peanut butter cookies, and it sure turned wild! hehe! :) we put the cookies close together on the baking pan, and the cookies were baking together, and we called it a cookie pancake! :) hehe! :) the next week we baked again, and then again, and before we knew it, friends were joining in on the baking friday fun too! :) sharing their baking friday adventures. :) i remember one sunday, when i woke up and signed onto DS, our friends, my ds mum (bloss) and Katey (nixfix) said they have a surprise for us! :) hehe! :) i went to mum's page, and i noticed they had put a picture up, of the apple pie we baked, and mum and Katey used a special paint feature to make slices on the pie, and wrote our names for each slice, and said, "The cookie monsters took the pie!" :) hehe! :) the cookie monsters were born! :) each week, i began to say, "calling all cookie monsters!" :) hehe! :) and it became a tradition. :) each week now, beginning our baking friday journal, i begin the journal by saying, "Calling all cookie monsters!" :)
The baking friday tradition was just beginning, and we were so very happy, and excited, thinking about how each friday, we were getting to bake goodies. :) Kayla was in kindergarten, and would arrive home at 12pm each friday, and we'd begin our adventures. :) i remember the early days of baking friday, i would go back and forth from the kitchen and my computer room to post updates on our adventure, as the adventure was going on. :) December 14th, 2007, we had a Christmas thremed baking friday adventure, and that same day, we had a winterstorm, it was really snowing, and i remember Kayla and i baking a Christmas cake that day, and we went outside to play in the snow while the cake was baking. :) We built a cute, and adorable little snowman, and then came back indoors to decorate the cake. :) it's always one of my favorite baking friday adventures. :) my family and i began to recieve in the mail, wonderful baking friday gifts, and treasures to use. :) we began to recieve aprons, oven mits, pot holders, towels, shirts, and baking supplies, from friends, from all around the world, and over the years, our collection has grown and grown. :) We get such wonderful use, out of our baking friday supplies. :) We use them every week. :) We love decorating our kitchen for baking friday. :) it's so much fun, we put our oven mits together, and Kayla draws, and colors beautiful pictures for our adventure. :) always a wonderfully fun and exciting part of baking friday each week, is setting up, and decorating our kitchen for our super fun adventure. :)
Our favorite thing about baking friday, is sharing these moments with everyone, friends from all around the world, baking goodies, and sharing their baking friday adventures. :) it's so much fun, and is a pure wonderful joy. :) it's so neat, to see your kitchens decorated, and to see the delicious goodies you all bake. :) i always wish we could gather, and have a huge baking friday picnic together! :) It would be so wonderful. :) maybe someday! :) There's always hope! :) as we get ready for the 200th adventure tomorrow, it's amazing how it's already the 200th adventure. :) it seems like yesterday when baking friday first started. :) Taylynn was about 1 month old, when baking friday began in September 2007, and she has now joined in on the baking friday fun. :) Kayla and i teach her how to bake, and of course, how to get the flour flying in the air in the kitchen! :) hehe! :) we've had some very funny moments during baking friday. :) early 2008, Kayla and i were baking blueberry muffins, and we had forgotten to put the eggs in, and had already put the muffins into the oven, and i remember trying to bring the muffins back out, and adding the mix back to the bowl! :) hehe! :) Kayla cracked open her first egg, in April 2008, when we baked a happy birthday cake for my ds mum (bloss) :) i was so proud of Kayla as she cracked open her first egg, and now each time i say, "pick out the best eggs ever!" :) She loves to select the eggs. :)
We've had many fun varieties of baking friday adventures. :) We especially love the holiday themed, and also the seasonal themed. :) like baking autumn themed goodies, or spring, or summer or winter themed goodies. :) it's so much fun. :) the holidays, from christmas, to halloween, to valentine's day, to thanksgiving, and st. patrick's day, 4th o f July, and many more, it's a pure joy. :) we love our adventures, the campfire themed. :) we began to count the baking friday adventures when we reached the 60th adventure when we baked a sheet pan pizza, and the 100th adventure, was on Taylynn's birthday on August 14th, 2009, we baked a spongebob cake for her. :) Last July, was the 150th adventure, a carnival theme. :) Kayla and Taylynn and i enjoyed that so very much, the prizes they won, they were so excited, and thrilled, Kayla saved her bag of prizes, and months later said, "look what i saved!" :) awww! :) that warmed my heart, and made me smile, that the adventure had such a nice impact on both her, and Taylynn, the fun adventures, the sweet memories, it's always a pure joy to celebrate each week. :) i remember one time, we were having a space themed baking friday, and i had this little alien, and a green glow stick, and i remember thinking about how cool it would be, to bring the alien to the kitchen, and said, "take me to your baker!" :) hehe! :) Kayla was laughing and laughing! :)
Kayla always reminds me, to wear my oven mits! :) when i'm taking the goodies out of the oven, Kayla says, "be sure to wear your oven mits!" :) awww! :) i remember one baking friday, it was in late 2009, i think it was a Christmas adventure theme, earlier in the day, i was cooking something on the stove, i think pasta, and i had left a spoon in the cooking pot, and i totally forgot and i remember reaching for that spoon, it was a metal spoon, and i remember i burned my left thumb, ouchie! ouchie! it was really hurting, and i iced up my thumb all afternoon, so i would be ready for our baking friday adventure later on in the day, and also so that i could type our adventure to share. :) when Taylynn first joined in on the baking friday adventures, she was our baker in training, learning how to bake, but one adventure made it realize, that she is now a full time baker. :) this past year, when Kayla wasn't feeling well, and couldn't bake goodies, Taylynn said, "i will help Chris, we will bake for Kayla" :) awww! :) That baking friday adventure, Taylynn helped the entire time, and we baked goodies for Kayla. :) it was so nice, and Kayla and i are so proud of Taylynn, and Taylynn and i are so proud of Kayla too. :) they are such great helpers in the kitchen, from getting the ingredients from the fridge, pouring the ingredients into the bowl, and also stirring and stirring. :) The super stirrers! :)
Each week, i share your wonderful happy baking friday wishes with my family, and i share with them, about the goodies you all bake. :) each week when a friend mentions they have cooked, or baked goodies, i will write it down, so that on friday, i can include that in our baking friday journal. :) it warms our hearts, and touches our hearts in many wonderful ways, that friends join in on the baking friday fun. :) it's always a super fun adventure in the kitchen, and we're with eachother in spirit  in our kitchens, during our adventures. :) We've baked pies, cookies, cakes, brownies, cupcakes, pizza's, pretzels, and even added some cooking to our baking friday adventures too, making mozzarella sticks, fried dough, french fries, smores, and many other treats, that we enjoy so very much. :) There's so many nice treats also, that we are yet to bake, that we look forward to baking, from casseroles, meatloaf, and many other treats, the baking friday fun and adventures continues. :) We have such wonderful memories from our baking friday adventures, to always cherish, and treasure. :) We're so very happy, thankful, and blessed to have baking friday in our lives. :) baking friday, has become our favorite day of the week. :) Thank you all so very much, for joining us in our kitchen each week, and for welcoming us into your kitchens. :) baking friday, is such a wonderfully wholesome tradition and a very special part of our lives. :) on friday evenings, after a fun adventure, i sometimes make a cookie monster visit to the kitchen, to get some goodies, and as the lights are dimmed, i look at the counter, and i think back to hours earlier, and the magical fun in the kitchen as we baked goodies, and i think about the next friday, when the cookie monsters unite again, and it's time to bake! bake! bake! :)
WEDNESDAY-WEIGH-IN! :) i had a weight loss goal update to share with everyone. :) i weighed myself yesterday. :) i am so very happy, and excited to share the news with everyone. :) i lost another pound last week! :) i'm smiling and smiling! :) i now have lost a total of 26 pounds this year. :) It's an amazing and incredible feeling. :) just thinking about the wonderful journey this year, on my weight loss goal. :) i've gone from 243 to 217. :) i've been eating healthier this year, drinking more water, and also getting nice exercise. :) i get a nice workout each time i tend our plants, and also the nice exercise i get during my nature walks. :) i'm super hyped up, and thrilled! :) it's really setting in, how i'm 26 pounds lighter. :) lots of focus, determination, motivation and effort. :) You all have helped me achieve this great progress with my goal. :) i'm so very blessed! :) i want to buy some healthy foods for the upcoming week. :) grapenuts cereal, oranges, salad ingredients, and also some pretzels. :) along with eating healthy, i also have continued to enjoy some of my favorite treats from time to time. :) pasta, pizza, ice cream, and chocolates are treats i love to treat myself too, from time to time. :) treating myself, allowing myself to be able to continue to enjoy those treats from time to time, has helped me keep a nice balance and pace with my weight loss goal. :) it's a great feeling, being 26 pounds lighter. :) i feel this great boost in my energy, and also in my confidence. :) Thank you all so very much, for all of your wonderful love, care, support, guidance, encouragement, and for believing in me, and having faith in me. :) i deeply appreciate everything, with all of my heart. :) i'm with you all, all the way! :) i'll keep everyone updated on how things are going with my weight loss goal. :)
We're going into tomorrow, with lots of hope, and gonna get a good night's rest tonight. :) BIG GROUP HUG :)
-never lose hope
the plants are continuing to grow, and flourish. :) i've been trying to take a few pictures here, and few pictures there, of the plants. :) i've been a bit unfocused, and off-balance. but am gonna get back on track. :) i wanted to share some new pictures of our plants with everyone. :) happy nature smiles :)


































i weighed myself yesterday, i lost another pound. :) 26 pounds so far :)

a baking friday story. :) we'd love to take this time, to share with everyone, some pictures from the first 199 baking friday adventures. :)





























































our first apple pie, September 21st, 2007, baking friday :) Tomorrow, we'll be celebrating with you all, the 200th baking friday adventure celebration. :) calling all cookie monsters! :) cookie monsters unite! :) it's almost time to bake! bake! bake! :)