Update on my mom. She's having a procedure done this morning.

Good morning angel friends. :) *hugs* i wanted to write a short journal this morning with an update on my mom. She called us last night, we got a chance to talk with her for a little while. yesterday, my mom had surgery to remove gallbladder, and during the surgery, there was concern that the gallstone may have slipped. my mom confirmed for us last night, that the gallstone did slip, and that today she would be having a procedure done. my mom's very upset that they didn't get the gallstone, we're upset too, it's been such a very trying and challenging time. my mom so very much, wants to come home, and begin her healing journey. we miss her, and it's felt so very different around here with her not here. we can't wait until she's able to come home. :)
my mom contacted us this morning. we believe around 10am, she's going to be getting a procedure done, to remove the gallstone. instead of an incision, they are going to be doing a procedure that goes through the mouth. my mom's very nervous. we're with her in spirit, and our love is hugging her heart. i will have updates on my mom's condition throughout the day, and this early evening i will be posting a journal with a full update. Thank you all so very much, for your wonderful well wishes, and thoughts and prayers. :) last night when my mom called us, i told her that you all are thinking of her, and she said, "tell everyone i say hi, and thanks" :) awww! :) my mom's so strong, and she's getting so close to that point now where she can begin her healing journey. We're all gonna make it through this, one day at a time. :) big group comforting hug. :)
Today, my family and i are going to clean/tidy up, and organize our home, and also will be keeping cool, and hydrated, as it's gonna be another very scorching hot summer day. it could reach 99 degrees here again today. it was so hot yesterday, the air outside felt like oven air when you open up the oven, it was pure hot, and humid. around 7:30pm last night, it was still 96 degrees. i soaked the plants really good last evening, and will give them another soaking today. it's been so hot, some of the leafs on the plants are burning. the plants are ok though. i will take some new pictures of them today. :) record breaking temperatures were set all around the northeast yesterday, from Washington DC all the way up to Maine. i told my mom last night on the phone, i said, "mom, it sure is hot outside". it was great hearing my mom's voice last night. :) we sure miss her so very much, and looking forward to her being able to come home again soon. :) it's been a very challenging stretch, but you all have been our strength, and we thank you all so very much. :) everyone who is in the areas where it's very hot weather, be sure to keep cool, and well hydrated. our thoughts and prayers are with everyone. :) We love you all, so very much. :) sending lots of love, and many peaceful healing blessings, and friendship hugs, from our home to yours, wishing you all a nice day. :)