Update New NBA 2K17 Bug And Fixes For PS4

At present, another NBA 2K17 update on PS4 already have been released by 2K Sports, speaking of the positive side, the patch soon to be arrival on PC and Xbox One, in addition, in accordance to 2K Sports announced, the new NBA 2K17 update using their official Facebook page, what's more, for the patch notes should be the same for all platforms. Some players firmly thought to buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT PC.[http://www.u4nba.com/nba-2k17-mt/pc-2354]

Fixed an issue where the loading screen would turn into a black screen while heading into a match.
Connection events should now appear frequently on schedule after agreeing to them.
Fixed an issue where the game would hang after attempting to enter the 3PT or Dunk Contest when the character on MyPlayer was injured.
Fixed the hang issue when loading into a Live Practice when a few members of the team were injured.

Animation of Contact Dunk will now properly stay equipped on MyPlayer.
Fixed an issue where a few post-release uniform colors would mix with the opposing team’s uniform in some matchups.
Fixed issue where the friends list in the Who’s online tab would vanish while viewing it.
After a successful basket, the score will no longer change on the scoreboard until the animation has finished. it holds true that cheap NBA 2K17 MT PS4 for sale.[http://www.u4nba.com/nba-2k17-mt/ps4-2353]

Fixed the issue where some jump shot animations would result in the shot meter displaying an incorrect and very late timing during laggy situations.
Players in Ante-Up will now always be served with the correct ante-up amount after joining the queue of Got Next.
Fixed the issue where the players won’t be granted a win if the opponent disconnects while playing a Team game or Pro-Am Walk-On.

Fixed an extremely rare issue where a hang could occur when a player is attempting to perform a rebound.
The Relentless Finisher Badge will now give the right bonuses on contact layups when it levels up.

In addition, NBA 2K season soon to be happen later this month, so, for forthcoming NBA 2K17 update, players are certainly full with highly expected. Of couse including cheap NBA 2K17 MT.[http://www.u4nba.com]