Update 3

Things are going really well. I'm still fighting myself not to cheat and to work out but I have a better idea of what I can and can't have; I'm not looking at quite as many labels.  I'm not feeling the hunger pains so much now, it's becoming pretty predictible.  I've also found myself getting full on significantly less food then before. Most exciting thing I think are the little physical changes.  We don't have a good scale, so I'm not sure how many pounds I've lost. I can see though little changes in my body, for example my ankles and wrists are thinner, and my fingers too.  I have this ring I love, I wore it all the time but recently it didn't want to go on or more distressing come off.  Anyway I decided to try it today and it went on smoothly with no hesitation.   Anyway, on I go, TTFN, ~crafty02