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p and. and dunes. your moment. hello everybody. this is the actual UT certainly not start through operating the end if your current collection through the I had the. hook. then turn the. end of the series back towards your I along with form a new loop. only from that point with 1 hand the pinch each strands. and also the crossing strand next. commence wrapping your tag and also around nearly all random line. and via the actual loop making use associated with your totally free hand the particular quantity involving wraps may differ yet as. a general rule. the harder wraps the particular far better then. poor the particular tag along with until the Raps come together forming an adjustable loop. finally Paul the key collection to slide your not necessarily down for the eye as well as the hook. alright in order that is the UT not. plus my opinion which is the particular very best certainly not which you may use when bass fishing with. braid or fluorocarbon. subsequent we're likely to talk about several some other particular not. then we're going to finish off with why I feel it will be the best. as well as whether it whenever you like to become able to skip in advance or even go back. that you tend to be in a position to do consequently by simply clicking the actual buttons around the right as using just about. any not necessarily your two-time anyone gonna wonder exactly what the series prior to sensing the UT not. so using the UT. you truly likely to wet the collection straight into location here. and here this truly is especially important for min lines. simply because that they can certainly always be damaged because of to the heat that's generated when. sensing. beauty certainly not can end up being a fairly easy not to tie when you get used for the hand. positioning. now here's how I maintain it a place the particular bait. for your hook been the section of my left hand leaving my thumb as well as index finger. Karim that enables me for you to pence your lines when I help to make my living. gonna use my right hand to accomplish your rap like. any not really it does take just the little bit a new practice to obtain comfy with but. when you master it. that they could potentially be tied just as soon as say the Palomar. the particular UT not necessarily can end up being a very good not really through itself but doubling the actual collection like you. would caused by start a Palomar. can be gonna give you a level stronger certainly not im. big-time advocates as of this not like Elite Series pro Aaron Martens. will always double the actual line about the Uni furthermore the UT not really has several different. applications. regarding instance you obtain more than Mitt the final step. along with sets the not really here by simply pulling the particular tag along with snug. forming a loop nah im. furthermore this not can be used as being a collection to series not. like should you wished to connect the fluorocarbon leader. in order to braid it's called the WT not then you definitely may search. Inspect your lagging regarding engine as well as heater exhausts pertaining in order to damage and also deterioration as well as regional objects relating to heat damage as well as charring.YouTube to locate out the approach to tie them. to reach the actual total possible involving this not really an individual need to use as numerous reps as possible. the harder rap the stronger the not gonna be. with regard to smaller diameter lines an individual may use much more wraps. a term or with best if anyone are doubling your line. anyone can get away using utilizing much less wraps like around six. what are the strengths in the UT not could it be small knots I thus don't be concerned about. anyone the actual mods along with wraps. in fact these wraps or perhaps corniel's. I which tend to be the main factors this not necessarily will never slept when using braided. do so why the actual unionized. let's very first look at what makes a great certainly not generally I believe there's three. things. power how effortlessly along with swiftly could be tied in. along with consistency you will find many knots out there. that may test well also to get individuals 3 categories however the UT not shines. within seventy one which can be why I think when the best. the particular UT not really can become a extremely constant not really by that. I mean it's such as perfectly like ninety-nine point nine % regarding the. time. regardless how ugly it might take a glance at first. it nearly often corrects itself and types an very be. not and that's crucial when working with floorboards carpet. getting in perfect knots or even overlapping parts. could trigger the sunshine to cut into itself leading failed to fail you. them. the actual number a essential factor individuals appear for you to when discussing certainly not is the certainly not stream. not really power is actually measured as a portion the percentage. in sufix braid the actual power the particular series where didn't fail let's imagine you're utilizing -pound. motto. and you are generally not as fill in with lbs regarding pressure. although not is tested from fifty percent certainly not string. now how will we measure the point with which in turn not fall short well and frequently used test. is this report s weren't topic towards the steady raises it. Jim yet here's in which usually the video may well get a bit controversial. you are usually able to basically toss out those exams they simply don't possess the real world. application on the water. once we set your hook oh what a huge bass. is actually a final collection right at the boat these are generally slow steady polls. they're typically simply by fastball am. therefore the a lot more accurate as well as practical test. may become the shock test a quick inside pull with an hour. your single a person re certainly not scored between along with percent. not deliver utilizing which test when doubled. it'll test bright at a hundred % it's incredibly difficult to break them. on the flip aspect there are many well-liked knots out there. such as the Palomar for instance that will an exam well about steady Paul. such as the perform also what specifically is subjected to that quick parts snap. as well as I do not really want this to turn into a Palomar bashing video. I understand the large quantity of people out there utilize the Palomar and it really does function regarding them. yet I consider there's a significant bit of misinformation out there. video can not only aren't as strong as advertised. do banks everybody for watching. feel liberated to comment down below along with i want to understand what kinda not you prefer to be able to use. it as usual please subscribe you like to determine more videos like this one