Unwarping negative thoughts

Well, I came across another website today, moodgym.com. It is CBT site.Helped me to clear a few misconceptions about myself. Well, I know all the theories. I know, I have to feel positive, push away negative thoughts. I don't want to go through this constant misery. I know for a fact that, I am good at so many things in life...... but there is a constant feeling.. life has not been fair to me.  Well, I need to change these . wutiwuf approach.. what u think is what u feel. Change thought patterns...1.Considered myself as a friend in similar situation.. alas, I'm not at all harsh.. I'm very understanding and infact envying.. that she has so much strength, she has achieved so much in life.. So what if she has few upsets.. she'll come thru flying colors, she's such a warm, genuine person... She will be an asset to anybody.. 2.Think from my perspective.. I need to unwarp negative thoughts and develop a positive self esteem.. No matter what.. I will follow my dream and achieve what I want to achieve. 3.I have accepted my mental health problem as something as I would accept a physical illness. I will get treatment and come out of it. It just needs a different kind of treatment than just popping up pills. Feels extremely good. I'm going to record my progress..