Understanding the Difference Between Mortgage Pre Approval and Mortgage Pre Qualification

For many people, buying a home will be the biggest investment they ever make. The entire process can be at times, exciting, scary, and stressful, but usually the end result is a much better financial and emotional state. Most home buyers are unable to afford the entire cost of a home up front and instead get a mortgage from their bank or other financial institution.Mortgages are a special type of loan that are backed by the value of the home. In the event that the borrower is unable to fulfill their financial responsibility, the lender will take possession of the home and sell it. This is referred to as foreclosure and if the cost of selling the home does not meet the individuals debt, they may be required to pay the remainder off.It is usually a good idea to speak with several lenders to find out if you will qualify for a mortgage before you become too invested in the house buying process. This is especially true in today's financial market, where many lenders have tightened their credit divisions and are not offering mortgages to people with low or poor credit.When speaking with a lender, usually the first step is to be pre-qualified for the mortgage or pre-approved for the mortgage. For many institutions, these two terms are used as one, but there is actually a distinction that should be made.If an individual is pre-qualified for a mortgage, this means the lender has spoken with the individual and asked them a number of questions regarding their financial situation. The lender then gives the borrower a https://www.pierpointmortgage.com/index.php/apply-now/pre-approval pre-qualification letter, which states how much money they could offer for a mortgage. The bank does not actually verify that this information is correct though, so many sellers and real estate brokers will not view a pre-qualification without skepticism. It is possible the borrower could have inflated their pay rate, so there are a number of trust issues involved with a pre-qualification letter.If an individual is pre-approved for a mortgage, this means that the lending institution has taken some measures to verify that the borrowers information is correct. They might have actually gone as far as verifying the individuals employment and checking their assets and debt, however it is also possible that they only ran the individuals credit.Since many lenders will offer a pre-qualification letter over the phone, pre-qualification letters are not considered to hold a lot of weight. A pre-approval letter, on the other hand, holds more weight, because the lender has in some manner verified the individuals information. However, neither a pre-approval letter or a pre-qualification letter guarantees that the person will be approved for the mortgage. This is not usually known until the person has actually applied for the mortgage, so, especially considering the current financial crisis, many sellers and real estate agents will require more proof that the individual will be able to afford the home than only a pre-approval letter or pre-qualification letter.