i miss you even though weve never met
not getting to know you i deeply regret
i knew i loved you from the moment i knew your existence
having you in my  life i was very persistent
things began to spiral  out of control
all i wanted was to have u and hold
but that will never be
you are one of my angels flying free
but what do i do with all this guilt
a family i have yet built
youre my shining star in the nights sky
as i pray to god have yet to reply
that u understand the choice i had to make
and forgive me for the biggest mistake
not ever knowing the feel of your hand or warmth of your breath
watching you grow talll or better yet
growing old in age
as life turns the page
all you will not experience
because of lifes indifference
know that im sorry an miss you so
i love you very much i will see you in heaven  and there i will watch you grow



Very beautiful and touching, lonely!!!! (((((Hugs)))))