Ultrafast Camera Captures Images At The Speed Of Light

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They were also able to capture the moment at which a fluorescent material began to fluoresce after being excited by an incoming laser shot. This latter capability is extremely valuable to biomedical research, which relies heavily on fluorescent probes to label and track proteins, nucleic acids, and other cellular components. Wangs camera would enable researchers to visualize these fluorescently-labeled components at light speed. Developing an ultrafast imaging system in 2D Several years ago, Wang bought a streak camera, a device that measures variations in the intensity of a light pulse over time. For more... http://www.photonicsonline.com/doc/ultrafast-camera-captures-images-at-the-speed-of-light-0001?atc~c=771+s=773+r=001+l=a

He sprayed a white bike and the words, "see me." A few other dumpsters were tagged nearby. Neighbors said at least six dumpsters are tagged. At least four of them have the bike accompanied with the words, "see me," "everyday" or "ride it." Most who have seen the graffiti believe the tagger is trying to make a statement about paying attention to bikers on the road. They said he is going about it the wrong way. Some said no matterwhat he is doing, he should stop defacing property that doesn't belong to him. For more... http://www.koco.com/news/camera-records-man-tagging-dumpsters-in-paseo-district/32788016

The thoughts of photography could be both exhilarating and scary concurrently. Have you been uncertain about how to frame an attempt or what lighting suits which mood? Although you may can boast 10 years of experience in the photography field, it could never hurt to bone up on your knowledge somewhat.
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