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I just wish to let you know about my new business. As a Distributor, I will assist you to save lots of money on your household bills. Their costs truly are striking... so should you need to save cash give me a ring!
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Opening to the Utility Warehouse
Utility Warehouse is operated by Telecom http://www.utilitywarehouse.org.uk/N30647 - broadband internet - Plus PLC, a major British company whose shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange. The organization supplies great savings, great value as well as the best possible customer support to its members. Maybe it's not surprising that, in a survey, 93% of Utility Warehouse customers said they'd urge them to some friend.
Utility Warehouse provides over 500,000 customers throughout the UK with significant savings on a wide variety of utility services including house telephone gas, broadband,, mobiles, electricity and non-geographic numbers.
Telecom Plus PLC, a major British company, listed on the London Stock Exchange operates utility Warehouse. Telecom Plus was named 'Business of the Year' was likewise named Best Telecommunications PLC at the UK Stock Market and in the PLC Awards in 2009 Awards in 2011, 2012 and 2014. The company has received glowing endorsements in the national press and compliments that was consistent from the UK's leading independent consumer magazine.
You might not have learned of the Utility Warehouse as they do not advertise. Rather, they rely on happy customers and Independent Providers letting their family and friends learn about the truly amazing value services they provide.
They share the money they save with their members, this means you gain from the very best value in great britain!
You may not have http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telecom_Plus - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telecom_Plus - heard of the Utility Warehouse - that is the key to saving plenty of money! Rather, it relies on private recommendation; content customers and Independent Providers letting family, their friends and colleagues know about the savings they have made. The business passes the savings it makes on to its members - by charging less.
The Utility Warehouse is extremely different to other suppliers because they're a club - a Discount Club.
As a member of the Utility Warehouse, you SAVE...
Single supplier for many of your utilities
Worth that's not beatable
Simple to switch
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Residential Member Benefits
'Double the Difference' price guarantee
The Utility Warehouse guarantee you will save money when you change all of your services to them, or else they'll give you back' the Difference'.
Stipulations apply. The Utility Warehouse 'Double the Difference' Price Guarantee requires you to be a Gold customer ie that is Double. Taking Mobile, Broadband, House Phone and at least one energy service. Gold benefits are just open to homeowners or customers aged 25 and above. For full information on the Price Promise see [your hosted web site/www.utilitywarehouse.co.uk].
Gold Customers
Select a Gold Bundle from your Utility Warehouse and make significant savings on all of your household utilities. There are there are only three Gold Packages readily available for residential customers:
Gold Chat - Residence Telephone, Broadband and Mobile (or Mobile Broadband). Gold Discussion customers benefit from half price Home Phone calls, free Broadband for 200, a Free Mobile Protection Scheme and up to GBP six months to help you change - for use towards any early termination fees charged by previous suppliers.
Gold Energy - House Telephone and Broadband as well as at least one energy service (Gas or Electricity). Gold Energy customers gain from energy prices that are more affordable.
Double Gold -Residence Telephone, Broadband and http://www.utilitywarehouse.org.uk/N30647 - gas and electric suppliers comparison - Mobile (or Mobile Broadband) in addition to a minumum of one energy service (Gas or Electricity). Gold customers gain from all the benefits of Gold Chat, the most economical energy prices of the Utility Warehouse and their exceptional 'Double the Difference' price assurance.
The benefits of Discount Club membership
Award-winning customer service
All of your services on one monthly statement - easy, convenient and easier to budget
Guaranteed savings on electricity and gas - compared to the average of the cheapest non-contract tariffs from the 'Big 6' providers
The 'Big 6' are SSE, EDF, Scottish Power, E.ON, npower, and British Gas. Guarantee and savings derive from payment electricity and 13,500 by direct debit with paper billing for typical household consumption of 3,200 kWh gas, including dual-fuel discounts. When any changes to http://www.jointheclub.org.uk/N30647 - best utilities mutual funds - opponents' relevant variable tariffs are pronounced, the Utility Warehouse will correct their very own tariffs to ensure they comply together with the Guarantee within a maximum of 90 days.
GBP200 that will help you change - when you change your Home Mobile, Broadband and Phone to the Utility Warehouse, they'll give you up to GBP200 towards any termination fees you have to pay your current telephony providers.
The UK's most generous CashBack card - save 3% to 7% on your own shopping at top retailers.
No minimum contract term on most products and services
Refer a buddy and get shopping vouchers
The UK's cheapest online shopping - find the cheapest price for virtually any thing with all the exclusive search engine of the Utility Warehouse, 'Findmethecheapest'
Bill Guard - GBP10,000 of accidental death cover and six months payment of your utility bills (up to GBP150 per month) if you are unable to work through no fault of your own, for an http://www.jointheclub.org.uk/N30647 - cheaper electricity and gas providers - elective monthly payment of just GBP2
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For complete information on Utility Warehouse customer benefits see [your hosted web site/www.utilitywarehouse.co.uk].
Save 3% to 7% on your own shopping - it's the most generous CashBack card of the UK - ask me for details!
CashBack on shopping and your petrol - the Utility Warehouse Discount Club offers an exclusive CashBack card, meaning you can make CashBack on everything you buy at top retailers throughout the UK. The CashBack appears as a credit in your next monthly statement. Every month, many members already are saving around 25% on their statement!
The Utility Warehouse CashBack card - available only to members of the Utility Warehouse Discount Club - empowers you to earn CashBack on all your shopping at tens of thousands of shops throughout the united kingdom.
Get CashBack on all your shopping at leading participating retailers, including Sainsbury's, Bhs, M&S, Boots, Argos, B&Q, River Island, Topshop, Domino's Pizza, Toys R Us, and many more. CashBack is in addition to any sale costs, coupons or special offers in-store or on the internet. CashBack seems as a credit in your monthly Utility Warehouse statement.
The Utility Warehouse CashBack card is a unique card that gives you CashBack on shopping and fuel at Sainsbury's, food and clothes at M&S, DIY, health and beauty products, home and electrical goods at thousands of stores across the UK - ask me for full details!
The Utility Warehouse CashBack card could make a huge difference to you - it could save you several hundreds of pounds per year. There is no limitation to the total amount of CashBack you can make. Utility Warehouse customers are often making savings of 25% on their home bills, just by shopping!
Simply top up your Utility Warehouse CashBack card with all the amount of money you select, then use it like any standard debit card and get CashBack at tens of thousands of leading retail outlets across the united kingdom, including Sainsbury's, M&S, Argos, Bhs, B&Q, Boots, JJB Sports, Debenhams, Homebase, Mothercare, New Appearance and TGI Fridays! You can even add cards for other family members and multiply your savings! CashBack seems as a credit in your monthly Utility Warehouse statement.
Topping up your CashBack card is not difficult, and you've got complete control over your money at all times. You can't spend so it is easy to budget and you can control your spending. And there's no minimum term contract on the card!
For full terms and conditions about the CashBack card visit [your hosted site/www.utilitywarehouse.co.uk].
Calls that are free
Save a lot of money on the price of your house phone calls monthly. The Utility Warehouse Home Phone service offers awesome value with unlimited free evening and weekend calls endless free anytime calls to Club members' landlines and mobiles and bonded savings on chargeable calls compared with BT, Sky, Virgin and TalkTalk.
One provider - one monthly statement
The Utility Warehouse is the only multi-utility supplier that puts all of your services onto a simple, single monthly statement. This is an advantage that is fabulous - it helps with budgeting, it's easy and clear to understand, plus it cuts down on paperwork.
On only one monthly statement, making life so much easier your essential services come together with the Utility Warehouse all! It's more easy to budget and you have just one number to call should you've got some queries.
Award-winning customer service
The Utility Warehouse call centre is in North London. The UK's leading independent consumer magazine has given the Utility Warehouse top marks for customer service within the last http://temporaryvegeta10.webgarden.com/section-1/blog/ulitility-warehouse-reviews-by - http://temporaryvegeta10.webgarden.com/section-1/blog/ulitility-warehouse-reviews-by - five years.
Then search no farther compared to Utility Warehouse if you are trying to find the best possible customer service. They work hard to deliver excellence in this area, and understand the need for customer service.
Value for money
The Utility Warehouse does not have any high street stores and they do not waste their customers' money on expensive advertising campaigns or in the national press. This means they can afford to charge their customers less than their opponents do for the exact same services.
Perhaps it is unsurprising that in a recent survey, 96% of Utility Warehouse customers said they would advocate the Utility Warehouse to a pal.
Send a friend
Have you any idea anyone who you believe would gain from truly being a customer of the Utility Warehouse Discount Club? The Utility Warehouse allows you to earn shopping coupons by introducing co-workers, family or friends to the company!
As an associate of the Utility Warehouse, it is possible to earn shopping vouchers - simply by telling your buddies about the great savings and service you're appreciating as a part.
Only introduce a friend to the Utility Warehouse plus they'll give you shopping vouchers.
If you enjoy saving money, subsequently refer a friend to the Utility Warehouse Discount Club! By introducing your friends to the Utility Warehouse as an associate of the Utility Warehouse, you could receive countless pounds of shopping coupons, just. Whenever someone you send joins the Club, the Utility Warehouse provides you with shopping coupons. The more customers you introduce, the more shopping coupons you'll receive!
No minimum contract period
The Utility Warehouse is so assured that you will be contented with the cash you save that many services have no minimum contract term, so you are not tied in. In the event you are not totally satisfied with the cash you save as well as the Utility Warehouse's award winning UK-based customer service team, you'll be able to go back to your own present provider's higher prices at any time!
UK's cheapest online shopping
The Utility Warehouse has developed an exclusive search engine - findmethecheapest - that will help you track down the most affordable cost for an item whenever you shop online. You will not find it cheaper anywhere else!
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Shop Online
Utility Warehouse Discount Club members enjoy discounts on everyday shopping at over 2,000 online retailers! Members receive these savings .
Every time you shop online using a cost comparison site, the comparison site receives fee from the retailer. The Utility Warehouse shopping service that is online is distinct - it pays the percentage to you! This fee is given by the Utility Warehouse to you personally as an additional discount on your next monthly statement - as CashBack!
This really is in addition to any CashBack you receive from utilizing the Utility Warehouse CashBack card. So when the retailer can also be a Utility Warehouse CashBack card associate, you'll save even more!
The Utility Warehouse online shopping service supplies you with discounts on all of your shopping, which means you save GBPGBPGBPs! The Utility Warehouse includes any commission it passes that commission back to you as CashBack on your next monthly utility statement and receives from the retailer.
When you visit their website and shop online at over 2,000 retailers, including many leading home brands. as an associate of the Utility Warehouse Discount Club, you'll be able to receive another discount It's another benefit alone available to Club members.
Residence Phone and Broadband
Home Telephone
The Utility Warehouse Home Phone service offers awesome value with complimentary evening and weekend calls to UK landlines anytime calls to Club members on their landlines and cellular telephones and great savings on your UK calls, including mobiles!
The Utility Warehouse ensure you will pay less for your UK calls to mobile, national and local numbers, than with any other major supplier including Sky BT, Virgin and TalkTalk.
The Utility Warehouse Home Phone service calls to UK landlines at evenings and weekends and offers great savings on call charges compared with all other leading providers.
The Utility Warehouse Home Phone service offers savings and great value when compared with other major providers, combined with award-winning customer service. Transferring your line to the Utility Warehouse occurs automatically at your local BT exchange.
Are you currently a Sky customer? Most Sky customers can make substantial savings on their House Telephone and Broadband with the Utility Warehouse - and keep their TV package (and email address in case you'd like to!) with Sky.
Are you really a Virgin customer? You are able to keep your line, broadband and TV rental with Virgin, but still take advantage of considerable savings on your phone calls using the Utility Warehouse Home Phone service.
See [your hosted web site/www.utilitywarehouse.co.uk for full details, terms and conditions].
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Risk free - if you are not totally delighted with the Utility Warehouse Home Phone service as well as the savings you are making, you can only cancel without fee and go back to your previous provider's higher costs!
Do you make lots of international calls? Using the Utility Warehouse International Saver option, it is possible to reduce the cost of telephoning 50 top international destinations to 1p per minute.
The Utility Warehouse offers an excellent array of broadband services - at fantastic low costs
The Utility Warehouse offers a high-quality, low-cost broadband, with no minimum contract term
Crucial advantages of the Utility Warehouse Standard Broadband service comprise
Endless information
Free connection
GBP7.99 a month ( line rental)
Key advantages of the Utility Warehouse Ultra Broadband service include
Endless data
18 month contract
Connection charge GBP30
GBP19.99 a month ( line rental)
Mobile Broadband in the Utility Warehouse is a cutting-edge broadband browsing experience! It provides internet access on the move wherever there is 3G cellular network sign.
Select from one of two superb value packages, depending on the monthly data allowance you need. Then simply connect you are browsing, and the Utility Warehouse send you! If you curently have the equipment you need, then you are able to take advantage of cheaper SIM only rates.
It's possible for you to access the internet wherever there's 3G cellular network coverage - that is just about everywhere!
For simplicity, ease and flexibility -of-use, the Utility Warehouse Mobile Broadband service cannot be beaten! Contrary to other internet services which take time load and to install, Mobile Broadband uses a pocket wireless router, which you begin browsing, and only connect to! It is possible to get the internet wherever there is 3G mobile network coverage.
Desire to surf the net on your own notebook wherever you go? The Utility Warehouse Mobile Broadband service is the ideal solution, combining high speed browsing as well as a monthly price that is low.
Get access to the internet on your own notebook or tablet computer virtually everywhere, with amazing value Mobile Broadband from the Utility Warehouse - ask for details!
so in case you want to save cash give me a ring!
Authorised Vendor
Michael Pink
Telephone - 0203-322-6756
Email - MichaelPink@utilitywarehouse.org.uk
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