UC Browser - Check These Top 5 Outstanding Features

Which browser are you using? Most of us do prefer Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for most of our browsing needs, especially when browse with a computer or desktop. Opera Mini remains favourite of many for mobile browsing. I was also following the same pattern. I never thought that there existed a better browser than many of these so called popular browsers. Yes, I am speaking about UC Browser. Here I explain a few strong reasons why you should download UC browser on your phone, see how good it is.

Popular in India
According to the report of Stat Counter, UC Browser holds 49% of browsing share in India. The browser from the Chinese firm Alibaba Group is improving its figures day by day. It is the fourth most used browsers across the world after Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Salient Features of UC Browser
When used it for the first time, I saw it to be really impressive. The features are so good that they compel us to use it over and again. I am damn sure you will also enjoy using this browser.

Wonder what these cards are! UC Browser has a special In-App Widgets called cards. This feature lets users access content on a new and customized homepage. Most attractive feature of these cards is that they can be arranged according to the likings of a user.

Cloud Boost Technology
Being faster means a lot to any browser. The same with UC Browser as well. The browser uses cloud boost technology. This reduces the loading time. As a result, users get a better and faster browsing experience. You can experience this difference better when you are on a slow WiFi network.

Download Manager
Users hold perfect control over their downloads. Thanks to the download manager which allows them to control downloads. Users can fix the number (from 1 to 6) for simultaneous downloads. They can also choose the target folder.It’s you who decide whether you want to be prompted before downloads. This feature also gives control over auto downloads. It also shows the free space, downloaded file size, completed downloads and processing downloads, and lots more.

File Manager
File manager is neatly incorporated into download manager. This arranges all files based on the types.

Video Manager
Video manager feature is really good. With this feature you can save videos to watch it offline. That means you will have access to your favourite videos even when you don’t have a network connection.

These are the features which make users to download UC browser on their smartphone. People also like UC news app and install it on their smartphone for news updates. http://www.ucbrowserdownload.in/