Types of Monument Signs for Businesses That Take Customers to Your Door


Monument placards are independent outdoor structures that are used to designate entrances to shopping centers, corporate campuses, hospitals, and medical facilities, housing developments, churches, apartment buildings, schools, entertainment complexes, community centers, corporate businesses and any other type of organization with a graphics space. They should be eye-catching, visually stunning and capture the architecture of the building or campus.

Monument signs for businesses are typically placed near all streets that pass directly through the building and identify the tenant or tenants of the building. As a potential client (employee, guest, supplier, etc.) approaches your business, this will be the first identification and brand you find. It provides the assurance that they are in the correct location and helps them navigate the entrance to access the roads or parking lots of their building or business.

These monument signs for businesses are designed to adapt to the building's architecture and support the identification of the individual or multiple tenants. The monuments posters are designed, manufactured and installed for a specific location and building, so they come in all shapes, sizes, styles, and shapes.

Below we have described the 3 common types of monuments signs. Keep in mind that this is just the tip of the iceberg and that there are endless possibilities of materials, size, shape, construction, and installation.

  1. Architectural sign of independent construction

These signs of architectural monuments are normally used for buildings of individual tenants. They are designed and manufactured with a variety of innovative lightweight yet durable materials designed specifically for long-term use indoors.

  1. Post and signal panels

Like previous independent architectural signs, pole and panel signs can be made from a variety of materials. These signs can be simple as in this example or can be done with carved and painted wood panels made for high-level properties. High-contrast color graphics help these businesses explode. A passing driver can quickly identify the retail business you are looking for.

The signs of the posts and panels are illuminated with external lighting for night visibility.

  1. Pylon signals

A pylon sign is typically created using a single cabinet placed on top of a pole or placed between tall posts. These signs are designed specifically to support multiple tenants. Pylon signs attract the attention of pedestrians and drivers and help them identify businesses within busy complexes. If you are leasing space with a pylon sign on the property, make sure that your lease provides specific information about the size and position of your specific business panel. When designing your signage section keeps it big, simple and high contrast. You can see in this example, it can quickly become a challenge to identify individual companies, so be simple. If you have a complex logo, this is the time to take it to the basics.