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Points for Owen! A fringe benefit of Maggie and Callie's patient, on the other breast cancer drug hand, is that Maggie gets to run into cute Radiology Ethan (that grin!) twice in one breast cancer research and treatment day - and Callie can experience sexual satisfaction vicariously, through one of her patients. Ethan, predictably, asks Maggie out, but she inexplicably turns down his offer. In the OR, Meredith tries to keep her streak going while at the same time convincing herself (and Alex) that she and Derek are in a contented "groove," not a "rut," basically using the evidence that she's not in a "cancer marriage" like Alex was with Izzy, or dating a patient with amnesia, or dating a nurse with syphilis. Low bars, Meredith. Low. Bars. After a bit of prodding from Callie, Maggie explains that she won't date a radiologist. Callie initially thinks it's an Upstairs/Downstairs (a.k.a. snobbish) thing, but Maggie later confesses that her single status is the result of her never being able to truly connect with someone. "I'm a little lonely, but fine," Maggie admits. This literally summarizes every doctor who has ever set foot in Grey Sloan Memorial, at some point. Callie - who really is all about vicarious dating at this point-- gives her a bit of a pep talk, and Maggie runs out of the room. ..Read more at