Tuesday, Nov. 27th - #8

Writing this before I go to bed... at 2:30am! Hope I can get up at 8 tomorrow!
1. Up at 8, Shower
2. Work on Reflection 3
3. ---> Dr. @ 10:15
4. ---> School library: Finish Reflection 3; Email A & Mrs. Z; Homework log for B
5. Drop off Ref 3, ELL logs, LP? before 2pm
6. ---> Volunteer 2:30-?
7. ---> Work at Writing Center, 4:30-6:30pm; Submit hours
8. Stay at library: BAL 8; Socio Outline, Begin draft if possible; Work until 12



I am so mad at myself right now -- I woke up this morning at 8:45, but I just couldn\'t drag myself out of bed. I feel back asleep and woke up at 11:45. I missed my Dr\'s appt, which I had to schedule almost 2 months in advance, I haven\'t made progress on my Reflection, which I need to turn in by 2... argh!
On top of it all, I\'m feeling kind of sick and feverish. I\'ve probably been pushing myself too hard after being sick last week and now I\'m exhausted. Still, I\'m really frustrated. Why couldn\'t I just get out of the damn bed???
New Plan:
1. Work on Reflection - if it\'s not finished by 1, email with sicky excuse (terrible, I know)
2. Shower
3. Volunteer -- we\'ll have to make the HW log there
4. Writing Center
8. Library

Starting to work on my reflection, I can already see that I\'ll need to send an excuse.
I need to get to bed earlier!

Well, I got to bed at 1:30 last night--so here\'s to improvement? Yesterday wasn\'t perfect but, I was still pretty productive.
1. Worked on Reflection, got extension
2. Showered
3. Volunteered 2:30-4
4. Worked at Writing Center; only had one student; wrote ELL log #6 & posted it
5. Quick dinner & worked at the library until 10:30, when my tooth started killing me (stress; possible sinus infection?): Did BAL 8, worked on Ref 3, and piled up some sources to go through for Socio
6. Came home, read a little bit, tried to stay focused