Tuesday Cable News Ratings: Piers Morgan #1 in Demo on CNN

Tuesday Cable News Ratings | December 10, 2013 | MediaiteWith 155K viewers, Piers Morgan Live was the highest-rated show in the 25-54 demo on CNN's prime time line-up Tuesday night. The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer at 6pm was a close second at 6pm with 150K, followed by Anderson Cooper's 10pm broadcast with 147K. Piers Morgan came in third in in his 9pm time slot, behind Fox's The Kelly File, which had 359K viewers in the demo and MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show, which had 273K. Here are the rest of your Tuesday ratings:TV NEWS RATINGS: 25-54 DEMOGRAPHIC (L +SD)6 - 9 amFox & Friends 351New Day 98Morning Joe 147Express 1055 pmThe Five 380Blitzer 145Schultz 129WWYD 256 pmBaier 364Blitzer/Crossfire 150/129Sharpton 186Showbiz 487 pmVan Susteren 290Burnett 104Matthews 259Velez-Mitchell 718 pmO'Reilly 504Cooper 131Hayes 202Grace 719 pmKelly 359Morgan 155Maddow 273Dr. Drew 5910 pmHannity 252Cooper 147O'Donnell 193WWYD 6311 pmO'Reilly 260Lemon/Baldwin 137/113Hayes 140Showbiz 30PRIME TIME37522314464Data by Nielsen Media Research. Live and same day (DVR) data. TV NEWS RATINGS: TOTAL VIEWERS (L +SD)6 - 9 amFox & Friends 1.275New Day 246Morning Joe 425Express 1955 pmThe Five 2.303Blitzer 520Schultz 632WWYD 776 pmBaier 2.172Blitzer/Crossfire 402/339Sharpton 756Showbiz 837 pmVan Susteren 1.777Burnett 318Matthews 1.025Velez-Mitchell 1538 pmO'Reilly 2.931Cooper 483Hayes 724Grace 2609 pmKelly 2.329Morgan 476Maddow 853Dr. Drew 17110 pmHannity 1.488Cooper 441O'Donnell 731WWYD 15811 pmO'Reilly 975Lemon/Baldwin 342/247Hayes 318Showbiz 125PRIME TIME2.256467770197Data by Nielsen Media Research. Garcinia Cambogia Reviews Live and same day (DVR) data