Tron Dance Company India- The Glowdiators

 “To dance is to connect one’s own mind and body to the soul”. Dancing is not an activity but an art, not just a word but the word which expands for. While it’s a getaway from the daily hustle-bustle of the lives for some, carried out as a recreational hobby for some, not a single person returns from the connect without achieving peaceful liveliness.The above is vouched for by a dance pack which ranks among the top few on Google when searched for “Dance Company India”, one which has been into existence since 2007, offering a unique set of moves portraying the Tron Dance Technique, been complimented by many dance gurus and celebrities, a dance crew which outstands the in-competition dance groups, “The Glowdiators”.

The progression of technology in distinct industries in the world is a continual process, why shall dance be the one left out? Dance blended with technology is a feast for any pair of eyes to set eyes upon. Light Emitting Diode, a.k.a LED has been incorporated by the lighting industry as one of the much-needed evolutions in terms of power saving. Using the same technology in body suits is yet another level of innovation executed. The concept was fuelled even further with the release of Tron Legacy- An American, science fiction movie which also used the concept of LED lit environments, bodysuits, and vehicles.  The LED TRON Dance is so involving for the audience that their necks are craned towards the stage. The site is so minded bogging for the on-lookers that the brain fails to blink eyes every four seconds.

“The Glowdiators” are a symbol of determined creativity. They materialize the unimaginable dance moves proving the originality which is key to success every field. They have deservingly made a name for themselves in the Indian Dance Industry as the best Tron Dance Company in India and one of the best LED TRON Dance  in the world. Other than stage performances, they have developed an expertise in theme-based enactments, the most recent being “Rediscover The Epic” which is more than extra ordinary an escapade.

Performing on a pitch-black stage needs a lot of studio practice and well-designed choreography. Even anout of sync finger is noticeable enough as it is LED illuminated. They reside on top of the Dance Company India chain. They are accomplished enough to coach others through their online and personal schooling sessions which may be booked via their website. Like dancing is a therapy, they are for sure a group of doctors who provide stress-busting classes. They personify inspiration with such an optimistic and positive outlook.

The group aims to be the best in the world. They cook up their standards every time they are in the spotlight. That day is not afar when they reward India with a recognized international achievement. There are people who truly, madly and deeply love shaking a leg, followed by the people who are born prodigies who identify the in-born talent that resides inside them. Then come the self-produced amalgams, “The Glowdiators”.