Trippy Collages Blur The Line Between Real And Fake

The lighting is meticulously arranged to relate with the printed textures. This adds realism that is immediately betrayed by a deliberately misaligned facet, or an inverted choice of color scheme. Backgrounds often are flattened in a dizzying array of colors and materials, cast upon by objects eerie neon shadows. Its a balancing act between truth and invention that informs the entire series. This duality is something that Ive been interested in from the very start, says Gordon. I think that every photograph deals with this on some levelparticularly in searching for the line between truth and fiction. Gordon cites the bold compositions and dissonant color palettes of Matisse , and the physical objects-turned-graphics in the photography of Barbara Kasten among his inspirations for the project. They offer reimaginings of what we viewers can take for granted in an image, and although Gordons work is deeply rooted in traditions of sculpture, collage and painting, his education and interest remain centered in photography. For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit

3 Tips To Help You Create Photo Collages The Easy Way

It hasnt been updated for about a year, but it still allows you to create nice collages with a few clicks, and customize effects for individual pictures, as well as manipulate sizes, layouts and frames. Whats cool is that you can pull graphics from online image searches (Flickr and Google Image Search). With Fotowall, you dont have to be enormously creative to come up with nice-looking collages! Creating Collages With Software You Already Have You can use a variety of specific collage-making software like ShapeCollage and AndreaMosaic (which creates those stunning photo mosaics you see in commercials with hundreds of tiny pictures that make up a larger photograph), or you can also use programs you already may have like Microsoft Word and Windows Live Writer to make cool image galleries. In Windows Live Writer, for example, you can create galleries of many forms when you add several pictures to a blog post. After you select at least 3 images and choose photo album instead of inline pictures, youll be presented with a few collage-friendly layouts. For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit

Shape Collage is a Seriously Fun Photo Collage Application

Using the application is as simple as dragging your photos into the left-hand pane, and clicking the Create button to generate a new collage. The options can be tweaked to change the collage to any size, shape, or spacingyou can even draw your own custom shape. Once you've generated the collage, they can be saved to JPG, PNG or PSD filewith no watermarks anywhere, making this an excellent software for creating your next poster or wallpaper. Shape Collage is a free download, works wherever the Java platform does. For a web-based application that creates collages from your Flickr photos, check out previously mentioned Collagr . For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit

Upgrade to the $4.99 Pro app and that number increases to 200. (Credit: Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET) Once you have selected your photos, you can drag photos from one collage box to another to swap places, and by clicking on a photo in a collage and then clicking the Crop button below it, you can reposition the photo in that frame. You can also use the Random Layout and Shuffle buttons at the top of the CollageIt window to reorder your photos. To the right of the center work area are a handful of sliders to tweak the look of your collage. You can rotate the photos in the collage, increase or decrease the spacing between the photos, and increase or decrease the size of the photos (which, in turn, decreases or increases the number of photos that are included in a collage). Your changes show up in real time, and the app felt responsive during my time with it today. (Credit: Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET) In addition to your choice in templates, you also have a choice in background. You can choose from any number of (largely corny, in my humble opinion) images/patterns, or you can select Color Fill. With Color Fill, you can choose a solid color or choose a gradient fill of two colors that run either top to bottom or left to right Related stories Five tools every iPhone photographyer must have Between the Templates and Background buttons in the upper-left corner of the app is a Page Setup button. For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit